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Useful Tips for outdoor foyer lighting

Useful Tips for outdoor foyer lighting

Outdoor entry way is the first architectural element of the house that your visitors see. A well-designed entryway radiates a welcoming feel. Top it up with comprehensive illumination and you can complement this feel. It is also necessary for security measures. Lighting outdoor entryway is a tricky game. You might not want to spend a lot on these lights but want a proper luminescence and an elegant scheme at the same time as well.

Main considerations

Firstly, determine the size of your entryway. A small entryway requires one or two down wash fixtures to light up the area around your door but if it is big, you will need multiple lights. Perhaps, you might have to install a theme with fixtures such as Drylight S24 LED Outdoor Chandelier for ambient glow and pieces like Kanpazar 150 outdoor floor lamp - Version A & B to exhibit specific features.

The brightness of entryways should be moderate as well. They are only meant for people who are inside the boundary of your house, not the outsiders. For them, you have door lights outside. It is a safe practice to apply the same theme to the outdoor entryway as the rest of the house because it would balance your interior but going for a different scheme outside can yield great results as well. Lastly, the fixtures at this place will experience fast gales of wind and some amount of rain therefore you require secured and tightly bounded fixtures.

Ways to light up the entryway

If the front door is sunk in between two walls, attaching a single overhead pendant is better than adding two separate pieces on each wall. The light from the top would bounce from the walls to reach the base creating an appealing effect. Also, choose the pendant with a diffuser in the shape of frosted or translucent glass.

You would not want your visitors be blinded by the direct glare of the entryway light. Fixtures such as Miami C1 Outdoor Pendant Light are suitable and go with any type of ceiling. If the entryway is somehow elongated, you can install wall sconces at the sides. The light glimmering from them at night would dazzle up the entryway which would look pleasing to the eye. Buy pieces like Soho Outdoor Pendant Light because they would not catch rust and can easily be cleaned. Attach them at least 66 inches above the floor. Transom windows is an upgraded feature in the outdoor doors. It is a series of windows at the top of the front door. They come in rectangular and ellipse shapes. Hanging small pieces like Swell 3 Chandelier above the centre of transom windows could cast a spell on everyone's eye. This would seem like suspended lighted mirrors in the air at night. A primitive approach is to go for simple ceiling recessed lights. They serve the purpose in an elementary manner. Pieces like Amigo outdoor ceiling lamp should be your first choice.

Go for the Combinations

Integrating walled lighting fixtures with units not attached to walls or ceilings is a difficult task but if done smartly, the results are sublime. If there is a small pathway leading to your entry way, you can place LED post lights there. They would increase the visibility of your entryway. Fixtures such as Moai outdoor floor lamp / bollard are an inexpensive option for this purpose.

Deck lights are a graceful way to make the entryway stairs gleam. The soft radiance of these lights even turn walking down the entryway an enjoyable experience. Moreover, they are great spots for taking group photos after a family gathering or a birthday party.

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