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Uplift the temp of your space through Layered Lighting

Uplift the temp of your space through Layered Lighting

In the fascinating world of illumination it is a common saying that no single lighting fixture could cater your entire plethora of needs. In fact in order to garner best results you need to bring your A game forward and add layers of ambient, accent and task lighting to bring your room to life. This piece of writing is especially dedicated to the intricacies involved in layered lighting and how you can play around with them as per your requirements.

Beginning with Ambiance

These days since it's all about the homely feel and the ambiance of the space, therefore you should ideally begin your layering with ambient lighting. Since ambient lighting sets the mood and feel of the space, therefore it craves special attention. While selecting a fixture one thing you must bear in mind is that the fixture should provide glare-free light, as glared lighting is an immediate mood-killer, hence avoid that. Fixtures like Diamond floor lamp are great for ambient lighting, owing to their glare-free lighting. diamond-floor-white-02_slider Another aspect that is often ignored while choosing fixtures for ambient lighting is that the direction and amount of sunlight entering the space is not given due importance, remember natural light is the integral component of layered lighting and henceforth must be taken into account. Each lighting fixture has its own precise number of lumens, and the general rule of thumb implies that 20 lumens are required for each square foot for creating requisite ambient lighting.

Task Lighting is crucial

Where ambient lighting sets the mood of your space, task lighting helps you out with your daily chores. Focused and bright illumination should be the primary characteristic of your lighting fixture. Each space in the house comes with its distinct set of requirements, which are to be catered through different types of lighting fixtures. If you have a home office, then you must be adept in task lighting, as it goes hand in hand with office lighting. little_2_crush_bottle_lamp

For instance in a kitchen pendant hanging over the island is a must have fixture, and if you could fit in a fixture like Ecolino Grande Pendant Light, that comes with a futuristic design, you would also blend style with utility. Similarly for bedside tables, table lamps like Little Crush II Table Lamp are great for night time reading. In living rooms LED floor lamps like Afra floor lamp - LED and Kyudo Floor Lamp could accentuate and uplift the entire tempo of the space with mere presence. Remember, task lighting is primarily for fulfilling your lighting requirements for performing tasks, however even the task lighting fixtures come in multiple styles and you could choose the one which you think fits your bill. For dining room lighting, you could easily blend ambiance and task lighting.

Add glamour with Accent Lighting

A general rule of thumb for task lighting is that it should be at least three times brighter than the surrounding ambient lighting. Once you get that right, it could create magic in the overall low profile space. Accent lighting is usually deployed in places where one wants to underscore and highlight a special feature; it could be a painting or a detail on the wall.


So, in case of a painting a wall scone such as Butterfly Wall light could be used to underline the sheer brilliance of the painting. Remember accent lighting is kept brighter than the general lighting, as it helps in grasping immediate attention. Therefore if you have a certain feature in the space, which you think would sweep your guests off their feet, you need to couple that with accent lighting, in order to amplify the impact.

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