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Trendy Ceiling lights for home office

Trendy Ceiling lights for home office

Office spaces in modern homes have become a norm because with the increased pace of work, seldom would you find anyone having completed his office's work at the day end. The office space needs to be snug otherwise you would lose the will to work. Lighting plays a big role in creating that effect.

Hanging pendant as a single fixture

Pendants are large fixtures and only one is enough to light the whole space. If your office is in the bedroom, this might be not a good option as it would mess up with the rest of lighting scheme but if it is situated at any other location like in the lounge or beside the entryway, pendants will do just fine. Fixtures such as Falling Leaf Pendant Light are low lying and can impart enough illumination to work in total darkness as well. If you are browsing for low intensity options, pieces like Nur Gloss pendant light can come in handy. Along with being inexpensive, they are stylish, reliable and offer a fair amount of luminescence. The dimmer can be employed for night time or day time work accordingly. If the working table is rectangular and long, you should choose wide pendants that can cover whole of the length. white_3_5 Pieces like Funnel suspension lamp are the best in this matter. Decorative in nature, sturdy in built and moderate in light intensity, these can serve well for reading and writing jobs and if you feel the light is weak, you can always add a small table lamp on side of it.

Flush mounts to the rescue

If ceilings are low, you simply cannot go for pendants and that's when flush or semi flush mounts kick in. They can easily be connected with the ceilings and give a scattered as well as focused light depending on the fixture you select. Pieces like Spin 3036 LED Ceiling Light work best when used in a group of two or three because they feel odd when placed as a single piece. You can even choose different colors and sizes to create a decorative group of three that can supremely serve its primary purpose of illuminating the space.

 If you can manage to be experimental on the approach, you can try pieces like Mercer Ceiling Light that is a sublime mixture of contemporary design and traditional styling lines. These lights have the ability to blend with many of the existing ceiling lights but there is always a possibility that the combination might backfire. You must consult a lighting expert before trying this combination. If complemented, they can give a fresh look to your office space and you can feel like sitting on the chair to complete the office work instead of being frustrated with the unfinished files.

LED lights find their way in every space

With the development in LED technology, fixtures that can suit every need are being manufactured. These lights can be utilized in home offices. Fixtures such as Prism Outdoor LED Wall Sconce provide focused light and consume less space due to their slim design. But this is a generally new design.

If you don't want to experiment, you can simply choose pieces like Fil De Fer LED Pendant Light that will go in the spaces already made in the ceiling by the builders. You can differentiate them with the rest of ceiling lights by altering their light color. If the rest of the ceiling fixtures give white light, you can purchase the ones with yellow light for here. It wouldn't necessarily hurt to use the same light color but diversifying it certainly gives office space a special attention.

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