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The Right way to Light your house

The Right way to Light your house

Just like designing the best architecture for a house is no easy ask; lighting your house the right way isn't about a rule or two. It is a complete methodology with several considerations, each needing extensive attention to detail. The following article will discuss the major considerations for lighting up the house in the best manner.

Catering diverse needs

Every room requires different light in terms of intensity, style and type. Be sure about the type of lighting you need in each room and then plan the lighting scheme accordingly. A bedroom generally needs a calm light which can be achieved through various options. With fixtures like Soprana Solid TL-1 Table Lamp, you can obtain relaxing glow along with a design feature integrated within.

General rule of thumb is to have a layered effect in every room with task lighting where required. A kitchen, for instance, requires a bright illumination with necessary task lighting for jobs like cutting vegetables or baking a pizza. You can employ fixtures like Elle T1 Table Lamp for task lighting without consuming any extra pace. The under cabinet lighting can not only provide for task lighting but makes your kitchen look royal and majestic. You could even light a part of it to keep the dark-loving insects away. A living room is a significant room of the house which is a place for your guests and you therefore you need a mix of lighting there: both dazzling and pacifying. For the scintillating scheme, you can use pieces like Garden wall sconce which are available in multiple finishes and styles ranging from traditional to contemporary. As for the soothing ones, you can opt from a list of walls sconces, flush mounts or pieces like Afra floor lamp that can be elegantly placed on the sides of sofas or couches.

Another modern option for living rooms is the floor lamps. Their versatility has have caused them to gain widespread popularity in residential houses and interior designers are suggesting these pieces greatly.

Ceiling height should be kept in mind

Low ceilings nullify the possibility of hanging fixtures and leave you with options of flush mounts, wall fixtures, recessed lighting and line lighting. It is absolutely crucial to select fixtures according to the ceiling height because no matter how normal it feels, if it is too close or too far away from you, the eyes would feel the pressure and your eyesight might get affected. Rule of thumb is to place the bottom of a hanging fixture at least 20 inches below a standard 8 feet high ceiling. Ceilings are mostly employed for ambient lighting so you can select between fixtures such as Fil De Fer LED Pendant Light to deliver a classy glow. It is up to the interior as to which style you pick up; is it transitional, contemporary or traditional. If you want a mix of pieces even for the ambient light, a good combination is to mix a central chandelier with pieces like Galaxy chandelier 2330/42/100x70 on the both sides of it. Along with complementing each other, they would cast a sanitizing luminescence in the room. fil-de-fer-sospensione-on

Use natural light

Another consideration is to leave room for the natural light. An artificially lit house would, after some time, make your body itchy. It is a good practice to switch off the ceiling lights at day, turn on one of the wall lamp and let the bright natural light, filter through the window, in to your house. A well-lit house is the intricate amalgam of natural and artificial lighting, hence try to find the right combination.
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