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Task Lighting: Few Worth Reading Tips

Task Lighting: Few Worth Reading Tips

Among the three main types of lighting, task lighting in homes provides a focused light that may be employed for specific purposes which require high intensity of light for example reading, examining prescriptions, sewing or chopping and dicing vegetables for salad in the kitchen. It is always integrated with ambient lighting and should complement the general illumination in terms of dazzle and color. Task lighting can be installed in almost every room of the house.

Living rooms

Figure out the activities that will be performed in the living room first. TV is an integral part of the living room which has a light of its own therefore your task lighting must not interfere with it. A clever option is bias lighting. Fixtures such as Elise table lamp 12/18/32 are placed behind the TV screens to increase visibility and dampen the stress on eyes that is generated from constantly adjusting between the bright TV screen and the dark room surrounding it.

A table lamp for tasks such as over viewing the files is another example of task lighting. You can opt for over-sized pieces like Cut table lamp or small and elegant pieces like PXL Table Lamp; depending upon the nature of your task. These fixtures provide you with an adorning touch that enhances the chic feel of the living room. Long-armed lamps can grant a focused light to the table when you feel the midnight craving of munching nuggets and do not want to wake up your parents. Some families organize darts competitions at their homes and that specific spot of wall becomes a significant one. Track lights can be your ultimate champion for such situations. Fixtures such as Goto table lamp come in a set of two lights which are enough to sparkle up the place.


Be it the family gatherings or weekends, special cooking at these moments is a necessity. To transform this hectic-looking job to an enjoyable experience, one needs to feel content from the inside and track lighting can help you achieve this feeling.

First destination for a kitchen is a fridge that has a light in it. Wouldn't it be great if you open a cabinet just afterwards and find a light in there as well? Pieces like Tania Trio VMC32500 Modern Three-Tier LED Chandelier are classy fixtures that are smaller in size and just enough in luminance. Without taking any space in the cabinets, they make them look regal yet pleasant. To highlight individual spots like cutting corner or a wooden cup stand, go for the miniature puck lights. Available in LED, fixtures such as Capella VMC32420 Modern Flower Pedal LED Chandelier have become a must-buy item for the modern homeowners. They can be installed without any hardship and bestows the kitchen with an aura of sleekness. Another area of interest for track lighting is the counter tops. These spots can easily be left under-utilized so why not innovate somehow. Under cabinet lighting can give focus to the slick kitchen tiles you have on the walls along with making kitchen tasks like cutting, grinding and mixing enjoyable. They can cater up for any loophole in the ambient ceiling lights as well. 


These rooms have minimal opportunities for task lighting than the kitchen. Fixtures such as Fabien Smoke Table Lam can come in handy when you wish to read a chapter of Harry Potter before going to sleep. Office counter at one side of the bedroom can use table lamp as well. You can go for unconventional styles here. Pieces like Torun Antique Brass Desk Lamp have movable arms and offer a rotation of 360o to aid you in almost every angle of light you require.
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