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Should you go for high end lighting fixtures?

Should you go for high end lighting fixtures?

The art of interior designing has evolved over the years. While previously, decorating every bit of the room with sculptured paintings, intricate wall cravings and large wooden doors was considered to be the most appealing interior, it's now down to classy and sophisticated representation of color, contrast and compatibility. The use of high-end lighting fixtures is a way of achieving it but is a difficult tool to handle and must be utilized with care.

Which rooms are best for placing high end lighting fixtures?

These fixtures fill the space with an aura of their own; the ambiance of a spacious royal dinner hall of mid-century, if you can imagine. Therefore, the rooms must be bigger or open to several other rooms if high end fixtures need to be placed there. Pieces like Botti 250 Pendant Light can be the central pieces of a dining room but only if it is larger than 300 sq. feet. Anything smaller and the place might feel overcrowded. Do keep these things in mind while choosing bathroom lighting fixtures. The ceiling must also be a minimum 11 feet high otherwise it would appear to take whole of the headroom. Since it is highly decorative and emit a large amount of illumination, it is recommended to only have recessed ceiling lights as their supporter so that the ceiling might not feel congested. Another room for their placement can be the living room or for bathroom lighting fixtures. In fact, it is the best fixture to be placed there. Fixtures such as Andromeda ceiling light are so elegant in their representation that immediately, they would develop a welcoming atmosphere for your guest and even yourself.

Why should you opt for high end lighting fixtures?

Because of their price, they are reliable. Apart from being prone to voltage variations, their exterior is much resistant to rust, damage or deterioration. It is a big investment but once done, you can be sure that it is there to stay. Secondly, they are so powerful in their effect that they can solely be placed in rooms for decorative purposes. You don't need to accompany them with paintings, wall corners or vases. For track lighting fixtures such as Brubeck Round LED Pendant Light are soulful representatives of adornment and magnificence. Their complex design lines, extended protrusions and charming bulbs are enough to awe-inspire your guests. Of course, there are simpler choices as well for homeowners who like to play safe. Thirdly, if chosen the correct size, only one is enough to illuminate the whole room. Pieces like Sento faro 10 LED Ceiling Light are suitable for rooms ranging to about 300-350 sq. feet. It means a room that big wouldn't need multiple lighting fixtures rather only a single high-end piece is enough. This saves cost in terms of operation and installation of all the additional wall and ceiling fixtures that had to be placed otherwise.

What about the demerits?

The first thing is their high price. One needs to put aside a dedicated amount of money to purchase these fixtures. Some high-end lighting pieces such as Matheny Chandelier 5 are very heavy and if they are damaged or broken during installation, you are in danger of losing a big investment. Their installation requires experienced personnel which would also incur cost.

Also, their highly expressive and symbolic representation puts pressure on rest of the interior. You would have to arrange for furniture which is compatible with them with regards to design. Especially kitchen lighting fixtures such as Arc suspension light which are so uniquely designed, needs something equally specific. High end fixtures are not easy to handle, and only if you have enough courage and are professionally enlightened, should you go for them.

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