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Selecting wall sconces has never been this easy

Selecting wall sconces has never been this easy

Wall sconces have taken the lighting world by storm in the past few decades, the reasons behind its unprecedented success are its sheer intricate designs, diversity and above all utility. It not only offers ambient and task lighting but also proffers accent and wall washing. Utility is perhaps is the unique selling point of these extremely versatile pieces. Wall sconces can be installed anywhere from entryways to living rooms to bedroom to even bathroom, you just show them the spot and they’ll adapt. Here are a few tips that you might find helpful while you head out for sconce hunting.

Single or Pair

They say good things come in pairs, so is the case with wall sconces. They can be installed in pairs; however it entirely depends on what function you wish to use them for, moreover it also depends on the ambiance of your setting. If you wish to install wall sconces on the side of your vanity mirror then pieces like Pila Wall Sconce could be installed on both side of the vanity mirror, lending it a nice elegant look. Moreover if you want to flank a piece of painting in your living room, then too you could seek help from a wall sconce, it would fit the bill nicely.

Task lighting with Wall Sconce

First thing that comes to in mind when we talk about wall sconce and task lighting together is bedroom side reading lights. If you are a night reader who likes to turn pages of the book before sleeping then you would want a wall sconce by your bed. It is one of those rare pieces that would not only beautify and add elegance to your bedroom but is also great for task lighting. Pieces like Enola 1 Spot Wall/Ceiling Lamp are ideal as bedside reading light.

Available in all styles

Wall sconces are available in all sorts of styles and colors, hence you are spoiled for choices here, from up lighting sconces to down lighting to both up and down lighting, you’ve literally got everything. If you want a sconce for your kitchen counter for cutting and dicing veggies, then you would ideally like something such as Banded Large Outdoor Wall Sconce. However if you’ve got nice ceiling and want to amplify its persona, then upward lighting could prove in handy and what better source for upward lighting than sconces like Echo Wall Sconce and Surf Micro Wall Sconce LED.

There are a number of wall sconces that come with the option of both upward and downward lighting, such pieces are tailor-made for outdoor lighting, You can use them on your outdoor walls and the casting shadows would create an enchanting atmosphere. Pieces such as GL 100 Slot Plaster Wall Sconce are weather resistant and hence could be deployed outside easily. Sconces are the rock stars of contemporary lighting and if you want to add flavor to your lighting layout, then you must use wall sconces , they are a piece of art and also symbolize good aesthetic taste.

Height is decisive

Always remember the general rule of thumb that for eight feet high ceilings, wall sconce should be placed 74 inches above the furnished floor. This is regarded as the perfect height, as the wall sconce wouldn’t feel out of place, it would not be too high that you would have to long for the light, nor it would be too close that it feels like the light is overpowering. Moreover if the ceiling is higher than eight feet then you simply place the wall sconce in the middle of the wall.


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