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RLM Lighting - All you need to know

RLM Lighting - All you need to know

RLM was historically meant for "reflector light microscopy" due to the characteristic of its fixtures to focus the light downwards. Nowadays, however, it is most commonly referred to "reflector luminaire manufacturer". Fixtures such as Dress SP P D2 Pendant are the most commonly used RLM pieces because of their fine application as task lighting.

Applications- then and now

RLM lighting was primitively used in industries to provide luminescence to the long, spread out work stations. Its direct light from the filament bulbs soon find convenient application in open spaces like gyms and restaurants in the mid-century. Through various innovations and redesigning, it is now being installed in the residential houses as well. RLM pieces like Campana Pendant Light 4432 are bulbs that are enclosed in a frame and hung at a distance from the ceiling or walls. The frame is fashioned out of metal, plastic or ceramic and the height of the fixtures varies according to the application and the model you choose. They can be placed in the kitchen, especially above the kitchen table. Choose pieces like Gask Pendant Light because they have a high probability to go with any wall color and interior.

Adding this piece would conform for an extra feature to look at and admire when you enter the kitchen. If the ceiling lights of the kitchen are white, you can place a yellow glow bulb here to produce a layered effect. Another application of RLM lighting is outdoor lounges or in terraces. If you can manage traditional furniture at these places, fixtures such as Unika Pendant light - Large can be a perfect combination. It would enhance the thrill when you chat and have scrumptious dinner with your friends and family. The focused glow, signatory to these fixtures earn maximum points at night. If placed in coherence to give a blended 60o beam angle, the food you put on the table would feel delicious automatically. In fact, many you tube cooking videos employ these instead of the spot lights. They can also be used in bedroom offices for which pieces like Drop One Pendant Light are better because they give a wider beam angle which is sufficient to illuminate the whole working table.

Why RLM?

It is a spectacular way of inter mixing the traditional touch with contemporary aura. Together, you can achieve a tantalizing lighting scheme. Integration of modern RLM fixtures such as Robinson Pendant Light in the bedroom or lounges can take some pressure off the primary lighting pieces to extend chic and glamour in the room. These are long-lasting options and with the introduction of LED bulbs, their life has extended even more. Seldom do they get faulty, burnt out or loose.

This lighting also increases the number of focal points in your room. Suppose your bedroom has a combination of ceiling lights as the ambient fixture along with a pair of flush mounts on the wardrobe side with an RLM fixture such as 2127-4 Linear pendant light at the working table. The person entering your room will look at the ceiling lights at first but will soon be directed to the working table followed by the flush mounts.

Some considerations

If you are attaching pieces like Flute Pendant Light with the ceiling, take care that you leave sufficient head room and if you have kids, mind it that they love to jump on the bed so plan accordingly. If you have chosen the wall pieces, make sure that they exert no shadow on the space underneath due to the lights of the rest of the room. As their surfaces are opaque, shadows will create but place them such that they are formed on the surface of the fixture rather than the wall.

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