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Pendants: An Essential fixture for Contemporary Bathrooms

Pendants: An Essential fixture for Contemporary Bathrooms

Contemporary bathrooms are incomplete without an elegant pendant and hence if you happen to have a modern bathroom setting, you must go with a pendant as it highlights the intricate details of your bath space. If you're looking for inspiration, here are few bathroom pendant lighting ideas which could help you get started.

Building up Anticipation

If you have a small hallway that leads to your bathroom, you could utilize this narrow passageway to your advantage. Hanging a couple of sleek pendants would do the trick for your space, these pendants offer a lavish welcome to your bath space. Tubes PL 9 Ceiling Light is a great fixture which could be deployed in the entrance way, if you happen to have a large passageway, then you should use multiple pendants instead of a single one. A piece like Oki Doki ceiling light seems an ideal fit for a compact alleyway, it not only lights up your passage but further lends it an aesthetic feel. 

Ambient Lighting

Bathroom Lighting is all about layering and although you have the ceiling lights and wall sconces at your disposal, still you need a nice pendant to add flavor to your bathroom setting. Pendants are great for drop down lighting and if used in the right spot, apart from being a show piece they also become a great light source. Ambient lighting is incomplete without a pendant and if you are looking to enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom, pendant surely is an ideal for that. Pieces like C'hi Pendant Light and Cheope double pendant are great for contemporary bathroom setting. Pendants offer diversification and they can be used anywhere in the bathroom, from centre to the sides of vanity, you can use them anywhere and they won't come across as pushovers, in fact they would boost the spirit of the setting.

Light up your Vanity

If you want to deviate from the conventional style vanity lighting then pendants are your go-to option, they could be used in pairs at the side of your vanity and would be enough to cover your lighting needs. Moreover if you want to add rustic flavor to your bathroom setting they would also help you with that. In case of pendants you are never short of choices, in fact the gamut of pendants is so huge that you might get confused. So in order to avoid such confusion, stick to the basics. Dear Ingo chandelier is a good choice for your vanity. 

Go for Utilitarian Lighting

Usually pendants are not considered as great light sources and they are only treated as showpieces, however this is a misconception as they are good light sources. You need to choose the right pendant, if you are looking for utilitarian lighting in your bathroom, Grace single pendant light is a good option in this regard, it complements your ceiling lighting and is also a beautiful piece. If you want proper utilitarian lighting in your bathroom, you should choose pieces that offer good light, small pieces like Danona 3 Luces pendant lamp are ideal for such needs.

Bathtub and pendant as centerpieces

In most contemporary bathroom settings, a bathtub is the central piece, it is the eye-candy of the bathroom and hence you could further elevate its status by placing a medium sized pendant over it. Since bathtub itself is a large piece therefore it would be better if the pendant size is smaller than that. However refrain from attenuated pieces, and use something that has some volume, a piece like Minerva 10 Chandelier is a good option for a contemporary bathroom setting.

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