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Makeover of conventional dining space through lighting overhaul

Makeover of conventional dining space through lighting overhaul

Dining table is the focal point of your dining room and if its proportion is out of order, the whole room looks unbalanced. If you keep in mind some tips, choosing the ideal dining table to grant elegance to your room won't be an issue at all.

Shape is the key

The shape of the lighting fixture would decide your ultimate choice of the dining table. Circular fixtures such as Tania VMC31640 Modern Circular LED Chandelier demand a circular or oval shaped table. It is all about the proportion and coherence. If you have hanging fixtures such as Giogali 3D SP 50 or SP 100 Pendant Light or pieces like Hope D66/105 Pendant Light over a length, you have to choose a rectangular or oblong dining table. This would inculcate harmony between the fixture and the furniture which is integral in terms of interior design. Suppose a linear chandelier above a small circular dining table; how odd would that look. 

Size matters

The second consideration is the size. You don't want to overcrowd the table or leave no space for the headroom therefore there is a rule: the lighting fixture must be at least 30 inches higher than the surface of the dining table. Large lighting fixtures such as Cellula chandelier - 47 inches- 9 bulb overpower a small table; miniature and it will feel inferior to the table space. The size of the dining table, in relevance to the lighting fixture, must be such that you can clearly see each other and converse with them easily.

Choosing the design

In modern times, there are countless designs and architectures that you can try. Such a wide span of choices does create a higher probability of confusion, though. The style and design of the dining table must blend with the rest of the furniture and the lighting fixtures.

 Lighting pieces like Mercury chandelier | Suspension give a slight glare therefore having a glass dining table would cause reflections in the eye which is not suitable. Similarly, if you have a traditional tone for your dining room, adding a modern table would serve as an utter mismatch. You could however try several other options. If you have a long narrow room and a linear chandelier in the middle of the room, you can opt for a rectangular table with a sitting of 8 people. The illumination of the chandelier will be enough and seamless. This choice can also work quite well with hanging pieces like Diamante chandelier attached in a group from the ceiling. Slightly unique in nature, this combination of rectangular table and circular fixtures would lend your room a dapper feel. If your theme of the dining room is royal and lavish, and you have a crystal chandelier to supplement this aura, you might consider a circular wooden dining table with carved adornment on the perimeter with a set of chic chairs; a wholesome package indeed. 

Significant tips

You can think out of the box and purchase a dining table that serves multiple purposes. An example can be a wooden, oval shaped table. You can use the table for your daily feasting but what do you do when the guest arrive? You can lay a graceful table sheet and put a battery powered LED fixture in the center to transform your daily-use table to a special-occasion one. You must also consider the clearance between your table and the rest of the furniture and fixtures. Fixtures such as over-sized floor lamps must not be placed close to the central dining table. Similarly, the sofas must be at least 5 feet away from the table to have space for the chairs.

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