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Lighting Tips for Jewelry Store

Lighting Tips for Jewelry Store

You might have been in a situation where you are strolling through an over-crowded market place on the cemented foot path. Every shop or vendor cart is brightly lit to which you are giving a slight gaze. Suddenly your eyes stick to a jewelry shop which looks exalted among all shops. You continue glaring at the display for a long time. This is due to the baroque lighting scheme that the shop has installed. So what is the best lighting for jewelry display that makes your accessories dazzle just the right amount?

Balancing is the key

Color and warmth of the display lights should be selected carefully because they can bloat the beauty of your jewelry and henceforth all the hard work goes down the drain. Lights that give a cool white color will enhance the shine of your silver display. Fixtures such as Goccia H1 pendant light are ideal for such situations while lights with a warm white tone will complement the aspects of the gold jewelry for which pieces like Fil De Fer pendant light 30cm/Dimmable are perfect. You can save yourself from the common sentence in jewelry stores: light doesn't shine enough? Choose the right combination depending on what is being illuminated. 

Overhead lighting

Overhead lighting sets the tone for your shop. An evenly lit space appears appealing to the customers. A Ceiling height is an important factor as well. If your ceiling height is more than nine feet, semi-flush lighting is more suitable. Pieces like 2160 Wall/Ceiling Light and La Lollo XL Pendant Light will be handy in this case. Light should be evenly distributed throughout the whole store.

LED lighting serves this purpose modishly. Not only are they versatile with plenty of available color combinations but are energy-efficient as well and save up to 80% of electricity as compared to the old halogen fixtures. Go for pieces like Astral Glass 1 Spot Light. Overhead lighting becomes imperative if you are low on budget and cannot spend large sums on the showcase section.

Showcase lighting- the deciding factor

The customer makes a decision at the showcase hence this spot is decisive. Jewelry is generally small and proper visibility inside the showcase is pivotal. There shouldn't be any casted shadow on the product when the customer is in front of the showcase or leans forward. The diamonds should sparkle and the gemstones must flare up with their true colors. A good practice is to place fixtures at the back and top of the showcase.

Fixtures such as Skeletto Spot Lights are ideal for showcase lighting. If you opt for lights above the showcase instead of inside, go with the high-intensity ones. A general recommendation for such cases is that the bottom of showcase should not be more than seven feet from the light. Pieces like Just A Little Spot Light should be your immediate option. Stylish spotlights are another option in this regard. The light intensity and the placement of the spotlight should be such that no reflection on the display occurs.

Everything counts

If you wish to create a sumptuous jewelry display, you can not consider anything futile or merely less significant. The placement of your most anticipated products, the warmth of your overall luminance, and the illumination of your showcases: everything will play part in making your dream of a magnificent jewelry display come true. Contact competent professionals or interior designers before deciding on the perfect lighting solutions. They obviously know which type, style and number of lights is most relevant. Prior professional knowledge will help you earn more sales subsequently.
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