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Lighting the kitchen with contemporary fixtures

Lighting the kitchen with contemporary fixtures

Along with other rooms of the house that have received special attention of modern interior lighting designs, kitchens have not been left out. It is arguably the busiest space of the entire house because one moment or the other, there is always someone cooking, taking out water from the refrigerator or searching the drawers for a tissue paper. The latest lighting scheme of kitchens incorporates all three types of lighting i.e. ambient, task and accent. Moreover kitchen light fixtures have garnered special attention in the modern spaces. Here are few awesome kitchen lighting ideas which could aid you in lighting up your kitchen in a much better way.

Ambient fixtures for the general glow

The selection of these fixtures depends entirely on the size and the built of the kitchen. If it's a standard kitchen with islands and cabinets on the perimeter, central fixtures such as Dokka Pendant light would do just fine. There are plenty of options in size, color and design. dokkaphoto3_

A large transitional pendant with delicate design scheme would highly complement the rest of the interior and be a source of inspiration for you to cook delicious dishes for the family. If you have dark colored counters and cupboards, a slightly light-colored piece would be more appropriate. Kitchen track lighting coupled with kitchen ceiling lighting could potentially uplift the tempo of your space. For kitchens that have portion-wise construction with breakfast table at one corner, sink in the center and cabinets at the sides, the placement of ambient fixtures get interesting. You wouldn't want to cramp the place with a separate pendant or chandelier for each section. Rather, you can go for recessed ceiling lights all over the ceiling. Pieces like Dodo Pendant Light with sliver trims would give you a flavor of decorative touch along with being neat and concise. If this looks less, you can always employ the safe option of a wall sconce on the wall that faces the kitchen table. Remember never compromise application over beauty specifically in case of kitchen light fixtures.

Task lighting for the island and cupboards

Task lighting remains the most cliche yet the most advantageous kitchen lighting idea. It's the layered effect that brings about the charm in modern kitchens and the smart execution of which, forces you to pay huge sums of money to the interior designers. Under cabinet lighting is the contemporary method to light up the islands for meal preparation and vegetable cutting. gallery_4-_7__2 Kitchen ceiling lights are a must have in kitchen and if you could somehow strike a balance between them and kitchen track lighting, you're in business. You may either attach puck lights or linear LED fixtures. The latter is more stylish, has greater life and takes in less energy. You may also choose to employ rope lighting. While they are not unnoticeable like the under cabinet lights, they are thin enough to be routed anywhere and still look quite neat. Kitchen light fixtures should ooze elegance and at the same time fulfill the primary purpose of lighting. You can dedicate the entire array to one switch or connect segments of the rope with a particular switch board. Pieces like Eos Pendant Light are very reasonably-priced and easily available in the market. A very unique piece is the globe lights that are battery powered and can be put on side of the kitchen table. When you get up to fulfill you nighttime cravings or have a glass of juice, these can be switched on to provide a dim, soothing luminescence.

Lighting up specific areas with accent lighting

The third element of the layered effect is the accent lights. These fixtures highlight specific parts of the kitchen. The first choice is that of floor lamps that can be used to illuminate the central counter or the small dining table placed in the kitchen.

Fixtures such as Sirius Linear Pendant Light are not very large and available in various designs. The second option are the wall fixtures that can conveniently light up a side shelf, set of wall shelves designed to hold crockery or a decorative wooden stand. There were few kitchen lighting ideas which you employ in your own kitchen, however always remember mix and match is the key here.

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