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Lighting small bathroom is super fun

Lighting small bathroom is super fun

Small bathrooms can be unconvincing and stressful to light up but many times, their existence is unavoidable. Adding a smart scheme of lighting can not only make a small bathroom look bigger but also illuminate it gracefully. You will have to shift away from the traditional lighting fixtures for this purpose and choose unique combinations and transitions. Here are some tips on how to light a small bathroom. You want to add spark to the bathroom but not overcrowd it with multiple fixtures at the same time.

Use vanity mirror to your advantage

A mirror is an integral part of any bathroom. The secret of lighting a small space is to utilize furniture or other spaces as lighting sources. You can choose charming fixtures such as Dioscuri wall sconce to provide you with the required mirror light for your styling. The space at the sides of the mirror must not be left blank. You can add pieces like Stix Plus 48" LED Bath Bar at each side for cross illumination. dioscuri_wall_lamp Wall sconces look stunning beside glossy mirror and add an aesthetic tone in addition to provide luminescence. If the mirror is bordered, the color of the wall sconces must be matched with it for comprehensive cohesiveness. If the ceilings are high, you might also consider hanging a gorgeous chandelier or pendant. Pieces like Giglio Wall Sconce are perfect choices for wet surrounding. Make sure to preserve ample head space and place them where they cast no shadow or glare. In this way, your mirror would serve as a lighting fixture to illuminate a major portion of your bathroom. Imagine the amount of space it will save. A useful tip here: Never place a light opposite to your mirror. It will cast shadows on the mirror.

Playing with cabinets

If you can, recess your cabinets and shelves inside the walls. This would preserve a lot of space and be an architectural marvel in itself as well. You must not neglect any surface space available for lighting in small rooms. If you have in-walled shelves, it is brilliant. You can install LED line lighting for a classy exhibition. Pieces like Sento Letto HV Wall Light are available in various colors. If you have cupboards on the walls, then you have to employ the under cabinet and counter top space to your advantage. Make these spaces your lighting fixtures by installing tape lighting. These above mentioned fixtures give a warm, suitable glow and can be neatly attached underneath the cabinets. Elongate the wall of your cabinets to completely shield these fixtures from sight and provide a magical fell to the bathroom. You should choose the fixtures that offer a wide spectrum of radiance in terms of the beam angle. Small pieces like Sixty AP 1083 Wall Sconce can originate distributed light that can be very helpful for your tiny space.

Think outside the box

Adding plenty of mirrors or reflective pieces in the bathroom can be very good sources of expanding the light all over the bathroom. Despite being a fun addition in the interior, they can be masterly placed at certain angles and spots to counter the need of attaching extra lighting fixtures. Suppose you have fixtures such as Andromeda ceiling light on the ceiling for the ambient light.

 If you can add decorative mirrors on the side walls and some reflective wallpaper on one wall, the light could be distributed evenly all across the space. Also, glass shelves and cabinets can make the light reflect from this primary source in the entire room. However, this practice requires the assistance of some experienced interior designer or lighting expert.

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Nathan Brent - January 4, 2020

Thanks for the ideas/hacks of decorating a small bathroom, Rachel.

I especially like the first tip – vanity mirrors. I think they will be the perfect addition to my small bathroom. Will try it and see how it goes!

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