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Lighting in Wooden Pieces: A Beginner's Guide

Lighting in Wooden Pieces: A Beginner's Guide

Wooden features are a salient element of house's interior and aid in adding warmth and class to the space at the same time. A timber ceiling or wooden flooring can heighten the elegance of an ordinary room. However once you have added them in your house, lighting in wooden pieces must be done the correct way if you wish to take full advantage of them. Unsuitable lighting can shrink your chances of adding chic feel with wooden features.

Make the most of wooden ceilings

Hanging pieces like Krebbe Pendant Light are good choices for wooden ceilings but not everyone wishes for such ornamental fixtures. The general rule of thumb in lighting wooden ceilings is to go for up-light or fixtures that are invisible to the first glance. You have invested so much money, time and mind in shaping the perfect ceiling so why not bring them right under the limelight! Up-light wall sconces are miniature pieces that add warmth to the room by highlighting the yellowish-brown timer ceiling. Fixtures such as Sehen Pendant Light have a creamy radiance and are inexpensive. Dappling the wooden ceiling with various recessed lights would destroy its grace; rather you can choose to light them up by LED line lighting. They can easily be adjusted between spaces of ceiling slabs and warmly light the ceiling. Pieces like Tait 250 Flush Mount must be your go-to choices for these situations. Cove lighting is another option that is stunning in terms of both aesthetics and luminance. Especially hallway ceiling fitted with cove lighting fixtures such as Velvet Pendant Lamp - USVEL160 (Large) can really lift up the mood. They simply submerge you in an aura of calmness. 

Alluring closets are in trend

If your closets are white in color; it's great. The light would bounce of the surface and scatter everywhere henceforth illuminating the whole space. LED strips can be placed with the hanging pipes to lend shine to the entire closet. Spotlight bars can also be installed to illuminate your collection of boots, sweaters, shirts and trousers. Fixtures such as Baum Fub Floor Lamp are available in many catchy colors with varying intensities of light. Some are extremely shiny which are suited for jewelry display while others are milder and are relevant for other wardrobe accessories. If you do not want to employ the option of ceiling lights, choose attractive wall fixtures like lamps, lanterns and sconces. Pieces like Anker Fub Floor Lamp can exquisitely provide a glow that bounces off the walls to light up the cupboards.

Care regarding wooden flooring

Wooden flooring is very pleasing to the eye yet it would lose its touch if the lighting is not of the same notch. Light colored and shiny surfaced flooring increases the chances of reflections from the light fixtures that can be a pain for the eyes.

 Pieces like Anker Tabelle Table Lamp must be chosen because they give a warm light without any glare. Dull-surfaced or dark colored flooring can allow experimentation. You can hang pendants or chandeliers but the yellower, the merrier. This glow really brings up the color of the flooring.

Lighting kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are usually brimmed with glasses and other glass cutlery hence a non-glary lighting fixture must be installed. LED strips are modern pieces and have become a norm in houses nowadays. They take less space and can conveniently illuminate a whole cabinet without being largely expressive.  Fixtures such as Tait Wall Sconce are somewhat expensive but reliable choices in this regard. Under cabinet LED lighting adds shine to the wooden counter tops and hence should preferably be diffused and yellow in color.
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