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Lighting Basics: Choosing the right light part 2

Lighting Basics: Choosing the right light part 2

Welcome back to our series Lighting Basics: Choosing the right light, part 2! We are going to pick up right where we left off last week. If you missed the first article or need a refresher, click here. This series of articles are designed to enlighten you on choosing the right light for your home or office space. Last week we discussed why the following types of fixtures are important and why to use them, chandeliers, Foyer and Hall fixtures, pendant, ceiling lights and wall sconces. This article will touch on the rest of the types of fixtures we can use to lighten up our life! Just a reminder, In order to create the perfect atmosphere, we must learn how to choose the right light that is ideal for our situation. Bathroom Lighting is often overlooked, yet important to us. You might not use your home office everyday, but there is never a day that goes by that we do not use our bathroom. There are basically two types of lighting in the bathroom, ambient and task lighting. Bathroom ceiling lights are good for the overall ambience in lighting our bathrooms. It's important to look for fixtures that are glare free. For task lighting, there are a variety of vanity lights for the sides or above the mirror which are useful for grooming or applying makeup. Portable lighting allow us to create a movable light source wherever there is a demand. You can place table lamps next to the couch as well as floor lamps for reading. There are a variety of styles for these lamps as well as lamping options for either direct lighting or ambient lighting. Track lighting offers us many options as well especially because the lighting on the track can be adjusted on the path to suit different needs, track lighting can also be changed easily from spot lights to pendants and vice-versa. Rail lighting has been going through many inovations and thus, is starting to become quite popular. Great for function and also adding a decorative element. Recessed lighting has become very popular as well, especially with the modern look that is very popular. These types of lights can add extra atmosphere to the kitchen, living room, hallway or even walls making this type of light very versatile in it's placement. Undercabinet lights are becoming popular in our kitchens to help light up our counters. These are also used in cabinets to add extra depth to art sculptures or statues. We hope you enjoyed reading this article on choosing the right light for your home. As always, our team of experts are here to answer any questions you may have on using any of our products.
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