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Lighting a Low ceiling space has never been this easier

Lighting a Low ceiling space has never been this easier

The low ceilings in your room or house shouldn't stop you from having impressive lighting. What is required is a bit of calculation, innovative mindset and some careful shopping. With these tips, you can create an illusion of high ceiling and light up your room perfectly at the same time.

Selection of fixtures

Because you are confronted by a major barrier of height, you must not turn towards long-hanging fixtures such as chandeliers or pendants. Sure there are options in them as well with pieces like Campari Pendant Light having tiny extensions and small size but that are not available everywhere. You should sneak into the wide pool of low profile fixtures like flush mounts, recessed lights and line lighting. Flush mount pieces like Argos Ceiling Light can easily be attached with the ceilings to deliver just the right amount of light along with looking stylish. Long gone is the time when flush mounts was a name, synonymous to simple, dome-shaped lamps. Nowadays, you have so many attractive choices with decorative finishes that can make the room look appealing.

The second option is the recessed lights which would take no vertical space. You just need the right placement and sizing to leave no dark spaces in the room. Contemporary designs have adorned features that are stunning. The LED options have improved the efficiency of these fixtures because it is difficult to replace this type of lighting. The third choice can be line lighting which is a graceful way of delivering light. It is usually installed as a support for the ambient light or as task lighting but their application as the only source of ambient light cannot be neglected. You can choose fixtures such as Igloo 5 Pendant Light because they originate more illumination and can easily be stacked in ceiling spacing.

The Up light fixtures

As interesting as it sounds, it is as effective at the same time. Provided the placement is precise and the fixtures are suitable, the up light can illuminate the room in the most magical way one can imagine: unconventionally majestic and elegant. They also make the ceiling look higher which is critical on part of rooms with low ceilings. Fixtures such as Oslo Wood Floor lamp can be placed beside walls and offer a wider beam angle. You should consult a lighting expert before employing this option though.

Another support to such fixtures can be the white or light paint of the ceilings. In this way, a lot of light will be reflected downwards and light up the room effectively. Recessed light fixtures such as Faro LED floor lamp with up light or floor lamps can be utilized too. There are chic as well as traditional pieces available in them. The number of fixtures will vary according to the size of the room and the height of the ceiling.

Being creative

The more innovative options can be ceiling fans and floor lamps. Ceiling fans with variable beam angle lights are available and their selection would depend on the height of the ceiling. As for the floor lamps, you can choose over-sized arc lamps or normal ones with sleek designs and up/down light. Pieces like Cache 355 Floor Lamp are capable to giving a lot of light despite their seemingly small size. 

You must practice caution as to how many wall or floor fixtures to utilize with ceiling lights. You might not want to overcrowd the space but don't want to leave any dark spaces in the room as well. It is all about the balance.

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