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Lighting a large room has never been this easy before

Lighting a large room has never been this easy before

Lighting a large room doesn't simply mean adding more lights. It is the venue for and parties and get-togethers and needs to compensate for all types of lighting needs along with being energy-efficient, within range and uncluttered. Blindly adding pieces like Sonja Wall Sconce with LED Reading Light - Round with wall sconces on each wall won't do the job.

Layering is a necessity

As mentioned earlier, these rooms require versatile lighting so a layered effect accommodating ambient, task and accent lighting has to be implemented in these rooms. For the ambient lighting, the most reliable and cost-effective method is the ceiling lights. It's up to you to choose between pieces like Guns Lounge Floor Lamp or Oslo Wood Floor lamp because while one offers bright light, the other is adjustable and milder in nature but not many people would get a ladder to alter the direction of their ceiling lights. There also has to be a central big lighting fixture to accommodate for special gatherings.

 You can select from fixtures such as Banker Trust Desk Lamp. They provide a comprehensive amount of light alongside being massively decorative. If you can get majestically adorned chandelier in the middle of a living room, you might not feel the need to decorate the room with corner stands. As for the task lighting needs like movie nights or a foosball tournament, you would require something like wall or floor lamps. Even wall sconces or flush mounts at a side could do the job but care must be taken as their placement might make the lighting scheme odd. Lamps are more safe options. Fixtures such as Crown Major Chandelier can make the room look bigger and don't consume a lot of space at the same time. It can be moved around to illuminate the part of room you require. As for the accent lighting, you have the options of rod lights, under cabinet lights and spot lights. Spot lights might be outrageous and risky but the first two are safe.

 Pieces like Raimond Suspension Lamp can light up the entertainment center in a soothing manner; just the way you need it while you watch a good movie. Rod lights can be placed over a large hanging painting or beside a sculpture. You can choose different colors for the task and accent lighting and go with the general white light for the ambient lighting. Of course, you may do experimentation according to your personal needs.

Uniformity is the key

While you are executing the layered effect, harmony between all three types is critical. The illumination must be diffused and not very focused as this would kill the ambiance of the room. Pieces like Diamond floor lamp offer focused light but could be used in groups to diffuse the effect.

If you have placed a chandelier that gives yellow light, you should have white ceiling lights with it because the room would get very warm if both are yellow. Uniformity must also be practiced in the nature of the fixtures. The style of each piece must be coherent and blend well. The color combination should match with the rest of the interior as well.

Do all but with energy efficiency

And the best way of achieving an energy-efficient lighting scheme is to purchase LED fixtures. With the development in this regard, it has become quite easy to buy slick fixtures that deliver a good amount of luminance but are not very warm and not heavy on the bill. Modern LED fixtures also have regulators in them to shield against voltage fluctuations and are much more reliable.
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