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5 Driveway Lighting Ideas for Contemporary Homes

5 Driveway Lighting Ideas for Contemporary Homes

The first and foremost place in your house that greets you and your guests is the driveway entrance. So, maintaining and illuminating that place should be your priority to reflect a good impression at the entrance. Driveway lighting is also important in avoiding accidents, guiding the path, and showing your landscapes. From post lights to drive over LEDs, there’s a lot to spruce up your driveway lightening. We have a list of such lightening ideas to help you with.

Post and Pillar Lights

Post and pillar lights are better for short driveways, very trendy for years, but never go out of fashion. Providing security and a clear view for darker areas and obstacles along the driveway. Most suitable in snowy weather as they rarely lost light visibility. Post and pillar lights with motion sensors, timers, and electricity saving solar panels are even more worthy and luminous for your driveways.

Bollard Lights

Looking for something new and stylish? Then Bollard lights would best fit your needs. These lights suit both traditional and modern homes and offer a wide range of variety in shapes, styles, and sizes. Pieces such as Whisky Soda LED Bollard floor light are in trend nowadays and are even more contemporary than other types of bollard lights. If you want to ramp up even more in styling, add small size lights as they will add a more dramatic look to the driveway. However, tall, sizes are more suitable for a safe yet more practical look, depends on whatever way you like them to be.

Driveway Wall Lights

Wall lights are the most practical, convenient, and simple. Serving the purpose of illuminating the driveways in a very decent way and most importantly these are great space savers. Having a range of shapes, styles, sizes, colors, and designs, these lights serve the purpose very well. Wall lights that come with sensors can even add a more stylish, unique, and modern look. Choose the design, color, and style very wisely that suits and go well with the interiors and wall paints of your driveway. Fixtures such as Clessidra Outdoor Wall Light are great for driveway lighting. 

Dalby, Thames, and Missouri lights are mostly used in wall lights. Color changing Missouri lights can add a more dramatic look, especially for the parties. You can set the light mood and color as per your choice, highly preferred for themed parties.

Ground Lights

For a unique and simple look, install ground lights in your driveway. These lights are directly installed in the driveway providing a hidden light impression reflecting their light in an upward direction from the ground. For a more dramatic look, install the ones with sensors. The Argo Ground Outdoor Lamp with sensors will lighten up when any motion on the driveway is detected by the sensors.

Drive Over lights are also in trend nowadays and you can also control the brightness of lights. Dimmable drive over lights is the best to lighten up your driveway in a very stylish and rich way. Drive Over lights with color changing effects is fun for parties and thrilling entries. The driveways surrounded by gardens and trees; pieces like are strongly recommended in this regard. Spike lights are specially designed to be installed in soils of your gardens. Even these lights come with dimmable and moveable features to add more versatility in illuminating your driveway.

Down Lighting

Down lighting is rarely used for driveway lighting, as these lights are positioned at a high place, pointing downwards. No doubt these lights look very beautiful when mounted on walls, but if you have tree-lined driveways and you place them on tree trunks your driveway will look even more exquisite.


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