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Lighting a dark bedroom

Lighting a dark bedroom

Some people like to paint their bedrooms in a dark color; some intensify this by painting them in black. This creates a dilemma for the room's lighting and demands something, extremely mindful and innovative. Here are some tips which will help you in lighting a dark bedroom.

Go big on fixtures

Because the bedroom is drab and gets no assistance from the color of walls or ceilings, you have to intensify the effect of the lighting fixtures and go big on them. Huge pieces like Angel Falls Q13S Chandelier can deliver a lot of light along with being awfully extravagant. It can be hung in the center of the room with a couple of table lamps on the bedsides to accommodate for extra light which can be used as task lighting as well. Pieces like Little Crush II Table Lamp can be very handy because their shades are nearly transparent so can give off more light than the general night-time side lamps. little_2_crush_bottle_lamp Another choice can be that of line lighting all along the perimeter of the ceiling along with a central fixture such as Iceberg Chandelier. The line light will provide light to the corners which will be left dark otherwise whereas the central piece will glow with its full might to dazzle up the room. Its warm glow will make the room fell cozy and welcoming; an attribute which tends to get neglected by the dark color of the bedroom. A third, slightly more unique choice can be of a floor lamp. There are several over-sized pieces available in the market. Fixtures such as Loving Arms 10 Chandelier create an illusion of a bigger room due to their arc shape and give the user a luxury for improved maneuverability. Of course, it has to be used with another lighting piece but the floor lamp can be an excellent choice to illuminate different parts of the room where the primary fixture's lights fails to reach.

Don't underestimate the power of wall sconces

These widely employed fixtures are there for a reason. Their enhanced usability and versatility has made them an automatic choice for homeowners in so many cases. Lighting a dark bedroom is another application of walls sconces. Pieces like Stream J51S and J50S Chandelier have a glossy surface which is an added advantage along with its wide beam angle. The upward glow it originates can be reflected from the ceilings and corners to be dispersed in the whole room. To utilize them with maximum effect, attach them at least above the half of the wall height because only then, the dispersal effect will come in to play.

 You may also opt for pieces like Chill Out 14 Chandelier but they have less light comparatively. If you can afford to place them in places which does not make the room look overcrowded, go for them; they are much slicker.

Use mirrors to your advantage

Many smart designers recommend the use of mirrors in small spaces to light them up, because they can reflect the light all around. You can use this option in your dark bedrooms. The dark surfaces won’t be of much help in reflecting the light so you require shiny glass surfaces like mirrors to do that job. Let the mirrors multi task by attaching them as decoration pieces.

They would present to your visitors as adornments but be a support for the room's illumination without being noticed. Fixtures such as Stream J52S chandelier that have a wide beam angle, may be placed in the centre of the room, to throw the light on mirror surface and the magic might work perfectly.

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