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Jazz-up your bedroom lighting with these unconventional fixtures

Jazz-up your bedroom lighting with these unconventional fixtures

Bedrooms are generally considered the ˜solitude palace" of their owners, a space where a person can lay back and relax. However, while choosing lighting fixtures for your bedroom, one must also take into consideration that it is a room where most of the action happens, from reading to getting ready for a party, everything important begins from here. Henceforth bedroom crave special lighting fixtures that can cater your diverse needs.

Recessed Lighting offers a good starting point

Yes, bedrooms are a space where you just want to lie down and get lost in the valley of sleep, however your bedroom also needs general lighting. Recessed fixtures such as Skygarden Recessed Light could prove highly beneficial for this purpose. They not only take care of your general lighting needs but also empower you with dimmers, through which you can set the mood of lighting in the room. Remember recessed lighting lays the foundation for your grand illumination plan, hence do not rush and take your time before finalizing the fixtures.

Add some glamour with pendants

If you want to jazz up your bedroom then adding a couple of pendants won't be a bad idea, it would not only uplift the tempo of your bedroom, but would also impart a certain flavor to your bedroom. Adding couple of pendants like Titania pendant light on the sides of your bed would open up space and further enhance the overall decor of the room. none_1200x1200-id211680-1d7404a172a9e40786f874e386698892

Go for unconventional sconces

Gone are those days, when sconces were reserved for outer spaces, these days you can simply deploy them wherever you want, as they have broken the shackles of being an ˜outdoor fixture". Since sconces in all sorts of designs, hence they can also be used in your bedroom. In fact bedroom sconces like Alien wall sconce are the first choice of people. Sconces are a great source of light and hence they cater your needs of task lighting moreover they also lend a slightly rustic feel to your bedroom. This rustic feel balances out the contemporary or conventional outlook of your bedroom. Many people are of the opinion that sconces could only be used in traditional bedrooms, but with futuristic designs such as Beat Black Wall Sconce, they can be deployed in the modern settings as well. 

Table lamps never get old

A good old fashioned table lamp by your side table speaks volumes about your aesthetic taste. Table lamps could be used for both accent and task lighting and could also serve as a mere decoration piece too. Pieces like Blom Table Lamp are ideal for your bedroom lighting, as they are not bulky and could also go off with any color scheme. On the flip side pieces like Guns Bedside Table Lamp are also a good option for people who are fond of slightly contemporary pieces. Modern option in form of ceiling fans lap_bn_50_mg_552 These days you have the luxury of illuminated ceiling fans, dual purpose ceiling fans are great for overhead illumination and on the other head also fulfill their prime purpose of controlling the room temperature. Hence, if you are looking for something different and do not like a chandelier or pendant hovering over you as you sleep, but at the same time you want an overhead illumination option, then ceiling fans are go-to option for you. Pieces like Lapa Ceiling Fan and Stella Ceiling Fan are great for bedrooms as the light is soft and they also come with a remote control option and are a good option as bedroom lighting fixtures. The bottom line is that bedroom lights need to be ultra soothing and calming, so that you lay down and instantly transport to the valley of bliss.
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