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Inspiring ideas for bedroom chandeliers

Inspiring ideas for bedroom chandeliers

Chandeliers are not meant to be placed just in living rooms, dining halls and entryways but their scope is extended to bedrooms as well. Alongside being a bright source of illumination, bedroom chandelier elevates the delicacy of the bedroom. Dealing with chandeliers can be confusing but if given a good thought and some tips followed, the task becomes smooth-going.

Placement pave path for options

Hanging a chandelier at different positions would deliver different results. Hanging it in the middle of the room will make a strong statement. Not only will it be the focal source of luminescence in the room, it will give the room an ornate feel at the first look. Make sure it is at least 7 feet above the ground. Fixtures such as Dome 180 Chandelier would look belligerently extravagant in this position. If the bedroom is large with a specific sitting space preserved at one side, twin chandeliers can come in to play. They will highlight the walls and the ceiling gracefully and provide balanced illumination to all parts of the bedroom at the same time. Opt for pieces like 21.7 Seven Pendant Chandelier because they are smaller in size and aesthetic in shape. Placing a chandelier over the bed or behind the bed as wall fixture is another way to go about it. If you have a low ceiling, chose the latter.

Look for pieces like Dome 90 Chandelier that come with dimmers. It can then serve as nighttime mild light source as well as an ambient light when shone in full intensity. If you have a bed with bedside tables at both sides creating symmetry, hanging a fixture such as 21.5 Five Pendant Chandelier on the ceiling at the center of the bed will complement this effect.

Slightly different approach

Placing chandeliers above furniture other than beds like vanity and nightstands would help achieve a unique yet acceptable ambiance. The chandelier would then not be the focal point of the room; rather it would yield different advantages. It would fill up the tabletop space to make the room look equally utilized.

Having a miniature chandelier over a nightstand would engulf you in an air of ancient times when queens used to brush her cascading hair in front of the mirror under soft light before going to sleep. Fixtures such as 21.3 Three Pendant Chandelier which are smaller in size will be suitable at their positions. You can think out of the box and choose pieces like Lampara XVIII Chandelier as well but that would require large furniture to work fine.

It is not just light

Bedroom chandeliers would paint the bedroom with multiple styles even if the room is not built with that intention. A royal crystal chandelier with glistening beads would account for a majestic and extravagant bedroom whereas pieces like Dome 60 Chandelier would help to draw a smoothing line between contemporary and traditional feels. Everyday ceiling lights like recessed lights can offer exemplary luminescence but having bedroom chandeliers as a replacement would flare up the interior with an artistic touch. It would also aid a light-painted ceiling to sprout with full glow which would otherwise feel bland.

Some tips to memorize

Choose the bedroom chandelier according to the purpose. If it has to be the source of ambient lighting, choose a large one with un-shaded bulbs. If the purpose is to complement the existing lighting plan, a smaller one will work just fine. If placed for decorative of mood lighting purposes, look for the one that is aesthetic in nature. Make sure to place the switches in accessible positions, not behind big closets or bulky side tables.

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