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How You Can Use Artificial and Natural Lighting in a Scenographic-Like Decor

How You Can Use Artificial and Natural Lighting in a Scenographic-Like Decor

L'architecture est le jeu savantcorrect et magnifique des volumes assemblés sous la lumière.

Le Corbusier

Light animates and brings any interior to life, every corner, every shape is defined by its own shadow, by its reflection and volumetry flooded in light.

Architects, interior designers and inhabitants are trying to enhance our interior spatialities with natural light as much as possible yet with extensive glazed walls extensive electric bills and unstable thermal inertia follows. As a result many of us are seeking an equilibrium between comfort, natural light and artificial light to create our own scenographic-like decor.

Further on we will present you three positions in which an ambient lighting source can play a huge role in your interior design.


1.Wall Recessed Lights + Up Lights and Step Lighting

In every home the staircase should play the most important role. It`s the object that carries meaning and substance, that connects spaces, planes surfaces and activities alike. Interior artificial lighting focused on the staircase would both enhance the aesthetics values of your interior heavily whilst ensuring safety in exploitation.


2.Wall or Ceiling Spot Enhancing Your Sculptural Items

We decorate with items carrying memories, we love art in all shapes and all sizes, we are thrilled about sculptural furnishing or simply by our recent DIY project, we are proud of our interior design. Natural light happily animates these items all together, not discriminating any piece, all being equal under natural light yet for us, they are not all equal. Use Wall or Ceiling Spots to drop an accent on your favorite piece. Whether it is an Eames Lounge Chair or a Picasso, make sure it gets the attention that it deserves.


3.Task Lighting + Office Suspension Lights + Office Floor Lamps

If you have a monumental amount of hours spent in the office you know how crucial artificial and natural light is. You know that you need far more than a simple desk lamp to help you study and be productive. Alternating the light sources at different phases during the day to complete the natural light source would help. Using three different artificial light sources at three different stages of your work during the day can maximize productivity and protect your eyes. A dim ambiental Office Floor Lamp can be all that you need.


diogenes-floor-lamp (1)tolomeo-micro-in-colors-table-lamp

What are your thoughts on this topic? How do you combine artificial and natural lighting? We would love to hear from you.
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