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How to use wall sconces and chandeliers to decorate your bathroom

How to use wall sconces and chandeliers to decorate your bathroom

Properly lighting your bathroom can be a little confusing, especially since there are so many stores that sell fixtures like wall sconces and modern ceiling pendants. However, often times, many of these luminaires are not made of high-quality materials, which increases the likelihood that they will break soon after you've purchased them. If you are looking for bathroom lighting that is luxurious, sophisticated, beautiful and durable, look no further than Interior-Deluxe. We are an ultra-exclusive online retailer that sells top-of-the-line luminaires from world-renowned designers, and our selection is unparalleled to any other store on the internet. After purchasing our fixtures, turn to a website like HGTV, which can give you tips on placement and installation. According to the home design's website, Chicago designer Scott Arthur Yerkey advised including makeup lighting along with wall sconces. He also said to place decorative ceiling lights above the bathtub area and to light up any art that is in the bathroom. For sparkle, he said to add crystal or glass. Interior Deluxe sells both wall sconces and small chandeliers that will add just the right amount of dazzle without being too over-the-top or gaudy. The Amarcord wall sconce is a beautiful fixture that comes in small and large sizes that will has touches of orange, green and blue built painted on the outside. The VE 805 8+4+1 Chandelier, which is also sold by Interior-Deluxe serves as a perfect complement to the Loop Wall Sconce. The Antique Berlin Brass finish with three marbled glass globes is as well-crafted as it is exquisite.
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