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How to turn Mediterranean Interior Design into Contemporary

How to turn Mediterranean Interior Design into Contemporary

How to turn Mediterranean Interior Design into Contemporary

Fashions change in interior design as much as they do in clothing. Do you have a Mediterranean style interior to your home? It can look very nice, but a little date. It doesn't have to stay looking like that. You can give it a contemporary new feel.

Mediterranean design is very traditional, it has an air of the sea about it, featuring the use of wood and curved furnishings. Contemporary design, on the other hand, features a minimalist style that relies upon straight lines and sharp angles. The colors are more sparse but equally as striking. White, black, ivory and silver are the shades of choice.

It doesn't mean that you have to get rid of your Mediterranean style furniture and start again. Why not combine the two? Remove the clutter and put furniture and lighting around the perimeter of your room instead of in the center. You've instantly got more space. A zen-like place to breathe that instantly says modern and stylish.

Modern lighting fixtures can also change the style if your room. By changing free standing lamps to overhead lighting you'll create a contemporary effect, and more space to live in and enjoy. Interior Deluxe has the perfect lighting options to complement your new contemporary design look. To get the contemporary look always think  of these things: Move objects out of the middle of the room; straight lines are better than curves; subdued colors are better than vibrant clashing colors; recessed and ceiling lighting will create more space. Once you follow these simple rules, you'll have a home that's at the cutting edge of modern design.  
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