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How to throw an unforgettable Sweet Sixteen 16 Party complete with food, music and lighting

How to throw an unforgettable Sweet Sixteen 16 Party complete with food, music and lighting

If you've ever raised a 15-year-old with a birthday that is on the horizon, you know what a big deal it can be. Turning 16 is a milestone in the life of an adolescent, and for parents who want to make it unforgettable, throwing a Sweet 16 party is the perfect way to make sure the day is extra special. Throwing glamorous, old Hollywood themed parties are all the rage right now. Celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn are icons that most girls idolize at one point or another in their lives. Since Marilyn became famous in the 1950's, ask that the caterers serve food from this era. For example, deviled eggs and stuffed mushrooms are great appetizers. Beef Stroganoff and Chicken Divan work well for main dishes. And finally, your daughter and her friends can finish up the meal by eating angel food cake and various jello molds for dessert. The music is another important factor to consider your princess's Sweet 16 celebration. Ask that the DJ play songs from old-school artists like Elvis Presley, Little Richard and Etta James. The guests will have a blast and parents who are invited can remember the good times they had dancing to the same type of music when they were kids. And finally, to help make your daughter's Sweet 16 party a monumental event, you should have proper lighting throughout the venue. Glamorous parties require glamorous lighting. That means luxury lighting, such as da vinci chandeliers are perfect fixtures for the big event. If parents don't want to install chandeliers, another great idea is installing downlights or a spotlight, which will make guests feel like they are walking into a movie premier. And because every girl wants to feel like the center of attention during her Sweet 16 party, making her feel like she is walking the red carpet will make her day unforgettable.
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