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How to soften fluorescent light

How to soften fluorescent light

Although nobody can deny how important hospitals are, hardly anyone enjoys spending time in these medical centers. The majority of the people in there are sick, the procedures performed usually hurt and the lighting is too bright and uncomforting. That's why, when lighting your home, it's important to select light bulbs and fixtures that give off light that is soft and warm, rather than harsh and abrasive. First, it's important to remember what bulbs you are using. Although fluorescent bulbs are known for providing generous amounts of light in dimly lit spaces like basements or attics, they can be a little overwhelming if installed in fixtures that rest in your living room or bedroom. However, there's no reason to throw away the bulb or floor lamp that uses a fluorescent light bulb. By taking a few simple steps, you can transform this piercingly bright light into something smoother and less intense. The simplest way to do this is to begin by turning off and unplugging the floor lamp. Wait two hours before attempting to touch the fluorescent light bulb, as these bulbs can be reached very high temperatures and usually take a couple of hours to cool down. Next, visit your local hardware store or interior design shop and look for a lampshade that can be placed over the fixture. By covering with a decorative shade, you can change up the look at your home while softening the intensity of the fluorescent bulb. If you are looking for a more dramatic change, consider purchasing a new floor lamp from Interior-Deluxe. We are an exclusive online lighting retailer that carries unique lighting fixtures that are sure to look great in any room. Products like the Tolomeo Mega Floor Lamp and Tolomeo with Shade Floor Lamp are equally stylish as they are functional. These fixtures also work well with incandescent bulbs which are far less bright than fluorescent.
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