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How to select the right kind of track lighting

How to select the right kind of track lighting

Track lighting is a method by which luminaires are attached anywhere on a continuous track device that uses electrical conductors. Once you have decided that this energy-efficient and sophisticated lighting is right for you, you can begin the buying process. However, be careful not to simply buy the first fixture that you come across. Researching your options is the best way to ensure that you find track lighting that suits your budget and lifestyle. First, assess your lighting needs. Does the room where you want to install track lighting have lots of natural light? Do you already have several luminaires in place? Answering these types of questions will help you determine what type of track lighting is best for you and your family. Next, begin considering what type of track you want. There are usually four types that are sold. Standard tracks are secured into the ceiling using screws. Monorail tracks have a sleek rail that is hung from the ceiling using standoffs. Two-circuit monorail tracks are best thought of as two tracks built into one. A cable system is comprised of two strands of conductive wire with luminaires suspended between them. Then, begin thinking about whether you want your track lighting to have line voltage or low voltage. A line-voltage system operates at 120 volts and is typically less expensive than a low-voltage system. Low-voltage systems, by comparison, do not use a transformer and also use less electricity. Carefully assessing your needs will not only ensure that you purchase track lighting that looks good with the rest of your home decor, but also that it is appropriate for your lifestyle.
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