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How to replace an old lighting fixture with a new chandelier

How to replace an old lighting fixture with a new chandelier

Contemporary modern chandeliers are fixtures that are sure to make a glamorous state. When homeowners buy modern chandeliers, like the Grand Crystal Rain Chandelier or Roma Chandelier, they know these pieces will impress even the most jaded houseguests. But, instead of paying an electrician to hang this fixture, there are simple steps that you can take to install it exactly how you want. First, make sure the power is off in the lighting fixture you are replacing. Then, take down the old structure. Keep in mind that just because you are moving it out of one room doesn't mean you have to discard it entirely. After all, once you hang your new fixture, you can perform a similar installation process in another room with the older chandelier. Next, remove the electrical box. Start by taking out the bolts that secure the electrical box to its metal hanger bar. Then, install the fan brace. One thing to remember is that you don't want to over-tighten the fan brace because doing so can cause nail pops in the drywall. After taking the step above, prepare and bolt on the electrical box to the ceiling. Secure it to the U-bolt with two hex nuts and tighten them using a nut driver. Connect the wires of your modern chandelier using a twist-on connector. Then, attach the ceiling's white wire to the chanderlier's white wire. Finally, secure the canopy of the new fixture to the wall. By performing these steps, you will not only save money on hiring an electrician to replace your chandelier, but you will also feel the satisfaction knowing that you were able to hang it yourself.
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