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How to properly illuminate your attic

How to properly illuminate your attic

An attic is one of the most useful spaces in a home, because it can be used to store virtually any item, from old clothing to seasonal appliances, like a space heater. But, just because you and your family may not spend a lot of time up there, doesn't mean that you don't have to install proper lighting. Proper illumination can make it so much easier to find items when you need to use them. First, evaluate how big the attic is. If it's small, then one or two fixtures may be all you need. However, if your attic is larger, consider installing different types of small fixtures, like modern ceiling pendants and floor lamps, throughout the space. One common misconception is that modern ceiling pendants are only for living rooms or kitchens. But, a modern pendant lights simply refers to a lighting fixture that is hung by a string. Next, try to find out where the wiring is located in your attic. This can make it much easier to pick out different types of lights. For example, if the space doesn't have outlets, your best bet may be battery operated floor lights. But, if it does, you can install downlights, which emit an all-over bright light. Consider installing a worklight. Like downlights, worklights can give off a lot of light that will make trips to the attic to find things a lot less frustrating. Another great feature of these fixtures is that many come with hooks, so they can be hung virtually anywhere. They also don't take up a lot of space, because of their small size. Finally, make sure to have a good old-fashioned flashlight handy when making trips up to your attic. They are perfect for casting a specific amount of light in a small space, such as when you need to look in a corner to see if your toolbox is there.
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