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How to Position Lighting to Create Healthier Environments

How to Position Lighting to Create Healthier Environments

Light is critical to our everyday functioning, and it is very important for healthier living. In fact, proper lighting position can even boost your performance when carrying out an activity --- whether it is on the job, socializing or even grooming as you get ready for the day ahead. The design of a lighting fixture and its positioning within your space are two key aspects that work together to help you create more comfortable, stress-free and safe environments where you can thrive. The following are key situations in which lighting position can really make a difference towards your healthier living. As you will see, strategic placement fused with extraordinary lighting design can not only make a space come alive, but it can also help you to flourish as you use that space. Circulation Pathway Lighting There are often places within environments where ambient light has trouble reaching, and in these spaces lighting position can make a big difference in keeping you comfortable and safe. For example, for dimly lit stairs, hallways or transitional spaces it becomes critical to light your path. This prevents falls and also helps to guide travel to provide a sense of orientation and direction. Fok LED Recessed Luminaire

This fixture is great for lighting pathways to prevent falls and guide travel.

Bathroom Lighting

In medical terms, Activities of Daily Living (ADL) are very important --- and everyday grooming is a part of these. And where does most grooming occur? Yes, your bathroom. Proper lighting placement and design is critical in this space. After all, this is where you "see yourself" most often. Having great lighting here, helps you to look healthier, and thus, helps you to feel healthier as a result. Also, many people keep medication in the bathroom. If this is you, be certain you have proper lighting placement to reduce medication intake error. This is particularly important for the elderly who often struggle to see medication instructions properly due to inadequate lighting. 

This lighting fixture has great flexibility for positioning light in a number of ways.
Task Lighting To help eliminate eye strain and allow for better focus, task lighting is important to healthy living. There are times when ambient light is just not enough to see during more localized activities. There are a number of places where task lighting can improve your performance --- in the kitchen, at the office or even when reading in your favorite chair. It is important that as you move from task to task, your lighting adjusts; and one way to accomplish this is to illuminate the areas where you carry out more detailed activities.

This lamp is great for illuminating your task-at-hand since its light beam can be adjusted.

Entrance/Exit Lighting Lighting position can also help an architectural design to function even better. By locating light features properly at entries and exits of an environment, hierarchy is created that helps you and your visitors know exactly where to go. Great entrance lighting can be very welcoming and extraordinary exit lighting can be very memorable. They key is to ease people through such environmental transitions. This eliminates unnecessary confusion and stress.


This lighting feature is great for illuminating entrances that ease transition into a place.

Why Lighting Position Matters Properly positioned lighting is key for healthier living. It helps to eliminate stress, promotes safety, it helps you feel healthier, it prevents eye strain and it allows for "happier" places. Begin your quest for more ways to enhance your healthy lifestyle through great lighting design that is strategically placed. Find new ways to have fun with lighting that also makes you more productive, healthier and happier. ------------ References: (1) Townsend, Terri. (2010) Medication Errors: Don't Let Them Happen to You. American Nurse Today. Accessed from:
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