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How to pair different lighting fixtures

How to pair different lighting fixtures

Your house may contain a lot of points for lighting fixtures and attaching matching pieces to each one of them would make it less of a house and more of a commercial space. Pairing differing styles of lighting in an effective manner is what should be done to make the ambiance homey but it is no easy task. Here are some of the guidelines you may want to look into.

Develop a common line

Select a common feature or design that should resonate through the entire room and then, pick lighting fixtures accordingly. An example can be a circular theme in the living room. You can add fixtures such as Tania VMC31640 Modern Circular LED Chandelier to compensate for the ambient light along with spherical pieces like Feather Table Lamp as your table lamps. The color and style of the lamps, is different though, but the similarity in shape creates harmony. It wouldn't feel cluttered to add a pair of wall sconces on one side of the room.

Fixtures such as Raimond Suspension Lamp come from a wide class of rounded fixtures. You may opt for a different color of light to create a layered effect which has become critical in the modern interior designing scheme. Mixing up lighting fixtures in terms of texture, finish, size and style but with same shape would aid in developing a genuinely established lighting scheme.

Choose a focal point and let other fixtures shine in the background

Another masterly way of pairing different lighting fixtures is to select a piece which is worthy of immediate attention. It may be a glorious hanging pendant, a miraculously designed chandelier or classy fixtures like Dome 90 Chandelier. Once it takes all the attention of the viewer, other fixtures can work fine in the background with less pressure on them. This also provides you the luxury to experiment with them. Central rectangular pieces like Frozen Eyes Chandelier H C / HXL C in the bedroom can easily be complemented by a pair of wall lamps fashioned in Scandinavian architecture on the sides of the bed.

You just have to find some similarity of the background pieces with the focal one. It may be the same size, color or style. A crystal chandelier in the drawing room which gives a golden glow can be coherently blended with line lighting of the same color on its both sides; the similar feature being the color of light. This formula can be effectually applied in every room, to every fixture with varying effect.

Shape up- like suit up

The way that you suit up for a party with a flashy black tuxedo paired by a dark colored tie and a medium-toned boots with a dazzling silver watch; can also be applied to the lighting fixtures. A somewhat similarity in the shapes of all the pieces attached in a room can make it look stunning. The central ambient source may be an oval-shaped linear LED suspension. What you can add with it is fixtures like Atria VMC31620 Modern Square LED Chandelier that have a small square shaped decorative feature on its surface, to complement the suspension. Another combination can be of pieces like Drop pendant light that have an oval-shaped bulb in them enclosed by a transparent shade. The versatility it grants to your room is very appealing. 

Some important don'ts during matching

Don't try a lot of things altogether. Sure, you want everything in your room but don't channelize it all toward lighting. There is nothing more annoying than a cluttered bedroom or an overcrowded living room. Secondly, don't choose the fixtures based on their looks alone. It might land you in danger.
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