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How to light up a kid's room

How to light up a kid's room

Setting up the tone of the kid's room with the help of lighting is the most affordable yet neglectable way. People often turn towards the furniture or wall paint to alter the outlook of their kid's room however it can be done exquisitely well with the lighting, provided you are aware of the considerations.

Match the fixture size the size of the room

If you can manage to complement the lighting fixture with each part of the interior, it would result in a harmoniously enriching room. If the room is bigger, you might go for fixtures such as Feather Table Lamp that can be moved around the room and are a great companion for the ambient ceiling lights. An intricate fixture can be put on side of a sofa or chair to add up a focal point in the room. If the room is smaller which the case is usually, you don't want to overcrowd the place by placing a floor lamp or even a table lamp.

You can consume the wall space to place pieces like FL/Y Small Pendant Light but add them where junction box is available otherwise the connecting wire will be visible which kills the look of the kids room. You might want something delicate for this room as kids love to show new items to their friends.

Add variety

Its kids after all who can't promise to live a pre-set life. They would engross in adventures and immerse in exciting jobs, each one different from the other. Sometimes, they would want to read a book while hop on the bed other time. These variable activities do put an effect on the selection of lighting fixtures for the room. Make sure to utilize the nightstand as a lighting fixture by placing lights in the shelves. They could use it for doing their homework or as dim luminescence after their bed time.

 A chandelier may be placed in the middle of the room but is not a reliable option if the ceiling is low for it would be an easy target for your child to flick, tap and play with it. Pieces like FL/Y Big Pendant Light are convenient options as they are not long so can be far from your kid's reach. Another option could be table lamps or wall lamps on both sides of the bed to facilitate you in story time and also as night luminescence. Pieces like Sitra Wall Up-Down Wall Lamp come in handy as they are slick in presentation and mid in illumination.

Light boxes for an exciting touch

Childhood is that time when life is most exciting and every new day is different so why not integrate this phenomenon in lighting as well. Light boxes are a modern way of doing it. They are available in different colors and styles and can be placed anywhere. Fixtures such as

Più Alto 3d Flat HV Ceiling Light are LED powered and very reliable. If you are looking for something more classy and decorative, consider pieces like Light colors wall sconce.

They would cost you more but definitely bring a wide smile on your angel's cute face. You can place molded characters or sculptures in front of them for creating a magical effect. The wire can easily be tucked behind the bed or the night stand. For more amusement, you can construct one with your kid at home with daily use equipment. You many include your kid's favorite character in it as well.

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