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How to light a baptismal party

How to light a baptismal party

If your baby gets christened, it is an important event that will be remembered for years to come. That is why it is important that you and your partner make sure you have appropriate decorations in place to help celebrate this special occasion. First, think about what kind of lighting you want to create the mood. Contemporary chandeliers are beautiful fixtures that are elegant and celebratory. They add will add sophistication to the party, and your guests will be in awe of how well decorated your home or venue is. If you are throwing a baptismal dinner, think about having it in a room where there are dimmers. Lowering the light just a bit is a romantic way to create the perfect mood. Another great idea is to decorate the room with electric candles. Although wax candles are beautiful, they can be hazardous, especially if knocked over by a little one! Second, think about what type of food and drinks you would like to serve. Would you like to host a sit-down meal? Or serve appetizers and finger foods? Party planners recommend serving food that is easy to prepare, like flatbread pizzas, potstickers and shrimp cocktail. Next, think about the types of beverages you will be serving. Festive drinks, such as mimosas, are a great option. For those that want to go a more traditional route, champagne, wine and beer are good choices. Non-alcoholic drinks should include juice and soda. The table centerpieces are something else that should be considered. Many people select floral arrangements because they are elegant, beautiful and festive. If you are tying tulle bows around your rental chairs, consider wrapping some leftover ribbon around the bottom of the vases. For an extra special touch, surround the arrangements using strings of LED lighting, which are long lasting and cooler than those that are incandescent and come in a wide variety of styles and colors.
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