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How to incorporate fluorescent lighting into your home

How to incorporate fluorescent lighting into your home

Online decorating specialists and retailers of lighting products have provided the world with infinite possibilities for creating the perfect home or apartment using everything from modern outdoor lighting fixtures to modern pendant lights. Part of designing a unique home environment means getting the lighting just right. Many people don't think about incorporating fluorescent lamps into their home because incandescent lights typically provide a much more flattering and softer light. But, one thing many people fail to recognize is that fluorescent lights burn ten times longer than incandescents. Another advantage is that these brighter lights are often more cost-effective. Because homeowners have to buy light bulbs less often, they save money and can put their hard earned cash towards other things. Furthermore, fluorescent lights produce three to four times more light for every unit of electricity. Although incandescent lighting fixtures may produce a softer light, decorators and lighting experts alike recommend that fluorescent lights be used where having bright light is more important than creating a welcoming or romantic mood. These rooms include a garage, office or laundry room. For years, fluorescents lights have had a bad reputation because they emit a harsh and bright light. However, it is important to realize that a bright light can often be a big help to people when viewing small details is important, like cooking or sewing. In this economy, saving money is becoming an increasing priority, and the long-lasting power of fluorescent bulbs makes their use much more appealing than ever before. Despite the rise in popularity, incandescent light bulbs are still more popular. Of residential households, 98 percent use incandescent and 42 percent use fluorescent, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.
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