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How to imitate European style

How to imitate European style

Europeans are known for their sophistication and style, so it's no wonder that many Americans try to purchase products made in countries like Italy, France, Germany and Spain. After all, some of the most famous designers, like Donatella Versace, Valentino Garavani and Karl Lagerfeld (the creative force behind Chanel) hail from European nations. But, just because you don't live there doesn't mean you can't emulate European style. Many shops, such as Zara, sell clothes that are commonly seen being worn on the streets of Spain. Another well-known brand is England's TopShop. British style icons, like Pippa Middleton, have been known to sport its trendy blazers and chic skirts. When it comes to your home, if you don't have the money to by an Italian villa like George Clooney, that doesn't mean that you can't use decorating techniques commonly seen throughout luxurious European homes. One of the easiest way to do this is to select a traditional European color palette. If you are going for a shabby-chic French countryside look, consider using pastel hues, like spearmint green, light pink and even baby blue. If you favor Italian style, look to incorporate earthy tones, like brick red, olive green and mustard yellow. After selecting a color scheme to use, make sure you don't forget about the lighting. Picking out the perfect illumination brings out the best in a home. Duplicating European style means that European lighting should be used. Da Vinci chandeliers are beautiful fixtures that give off an air of glamour that will make your living quarters look like they belong in a magazine. These chandeliers come in colors such as silver and gold and are manufactured using various materials like aluminum and plastic.
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