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How to decorate your wall using wall sconces

How to decorate your wall using wall sconces

Using wall sconces to decorate your wall is an easy and sophisticated method to jazz things up a bit. With so many different options to choose from, these lighting fixtures offer something for everyone. They are also a beautiful way to frame something such as a mirror, picture or even console table below. Hand-carved Italian sconces are perhaps one of the most ornate and delicate pieces of lighting a home can have. Try installing ones with delicate features, such as gold metal leaves, and place it at the entrance of your home to create an immediate impact for those that come through your front door. It is important to note that wall sconces should not be used as a major light source. The purpose of them is to accent a room, pieces of art or other furniture. And while sconces won't fully light a room, they will create a beautiful ambient light source that is calming, romantic and even a bit mysterious. If you are looking to draw attention to your wall sconces and not to a piece of furniture like a console table, try placing these wall fixtures above a simple bouquet of fresh light colored flowers. Upon noticing the flowers, guests in your home will be drawn to what is hanging above the bouquet they are looking at. For a modern look, you can also install wall scones in your hallway. You will provide guests will pleasant light and give your home a sophisticated appeal that will make it hard for the Jones's next door to keep up.
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