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How to decorate an apartment using lighting

How to decorate an apartment using lighting

Many people, especially those that don't live in large cities, choose to live in apartments because these types of spaces are easier to maintain, decorate and of course are less expensive than purchasing a large home. While apartment dwellers often spend time picking out furniture, like sofas and artwork to put in their walls, the lighting aspect of their home is often forgotten. Below are tips on how to illuminate your home with light that is both functional and stylish. If you are decorating a larger room in the apartment and you want to make it appear cozier and homier, consider using various types of small lamps to create low pools of light. Placing lights above and below certain areas will help highlight unique pieces like a fireplace or statue.  It will also help cast a shimmering and even romantic glow. To make the most of natural light in your apartment, hang mirrors on the opposite side from windows. You can also use reflective surfaces, pale carpets and light colored furnishing. Finally, do a little housekeeping and trim any bushes or trees that block light from coming into your windows. Accent lighting can add texture and personality to the room you are decorating. This type of illumination is essentially a combination of halogen, spotlights, uplighters, tracks and table lamps. If you are trying to highlight an impressive library collection,for example, clip a spotlight on the underside of the shelf or install wall washers onto the ceiling. To accent a beautiful glass collection, place a row of low-voltage halogen spotlights beneath the shelf where the glass is placed. Whether you favor ceiling lights or modern wall sconces, following the tips above will improve your space and transform your place from apartment to home.
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