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How to decorate a baby's nursery using lighting fixtures

How to decorate a baby's nursery using lighting fixtures

If you and your partner are expecting a baby, one of the most important decisions you both will undoubtedly face is how to decorate the nursery. There is so much to choose from. Will you paint the walls or use wallpaper? Do you think a crib or bassinet is more appropriate for the first few months your little one is home? While all of these are important questions that must be answered, you also need to discuss what lighting fixtures will be suit your baby's room best. First, evaluate how much natural light is in your little one's bedroom. Do you have shades or blinds that cover the windows? If you do, it's likely that you won't need intense illumination emitted by fixtures. Consider other options, such as dimmers, which allow you to decide how much light you want in the nursery at given time. Then, you and your partner may want to think about adding some soft, decorative lighting that fits with the color scheme of the room. For example, if the nursery has a jungle theme, consider purchasing modern ceiling pendants in a dark green or camouflage color. One of the great things about this type of lighting is that they come in a variety of different styles and colors, which means there's something for even the pickiest parents. Finally, consider buying some floor lamps. These fixtures are great because they don't take up a lot of room and many styles utilize LED bulbs, which can give off almost 100,000 hours of light, according to LightComp LED Corp. Whether you and your partner will be parents to a little boy or girl and you both prefer pink, green or blue, there are enough lighting fixtures to choose that will make your baby's nursery one of-a-kind!
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