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How to Create Beautiful Bathroom Lighting

How to Create Beautiful Bathroom Lighting

Somehow, most people end up overlooking the bathroom lighting when they buy, rent, or remodel a property. In most cases, having a single centrally placed ceiling lamp in the bathroom is simply not enough. Believe me when I say that the time spent to properly plan and illuminate your bathroom is not wasted. Apart from transforming the look of the loo, beautiful bathroom lighting improves your whole day as you begin your day there and finally unwind there at the end. Some factors to consider while shopping for bathroom fixtures include the wattage, the style (traditional or modern), and the variety of lights to suit your specific needs. Another important factor in this regard is the placement of the mirror that optimizes both the natural and electrical lighting. One trend that is increasingly becoming popular to create beautiful bathroom lighting is to install dimmers. Considering the fact that the place becomes your sanctuary to freshen up and reenergize yourself during the day, you need to be in control of the intensity of lighting you want in your bathroom.

How can I make use of accent lighting in my bathroom for a warm effect?Image

Interior-Deluxe: Accent lighting tends to highlight specific elements besides adding depth to the ambience. You may be fond of that tile work or maybe the sink is what delights you. Accentuating it then would ensure the light does not lie flat. A bathroom serves as our personal space for many functional tasks like bathing or grooming. With a lot of fixtures in all the proper places, you can manage to get the required amount of light to let you attend to your activities that would otherwise be restricted by glares and shadows. A variety of these sources also help balance the light. Dressing your bathroom in layers (wall sconces, vanity lights, some pendants, perimeter recessed lighting etc.) will further add a touch of drama while highlighting all the decorative hardware you have got installed in there. If you want a sparkly effect, make sure you buy the crystal or glass ones.

What is Color Rendering Index? How does it help me decide on the type of light fixture that I wish for my bathroom?

The term is used to imply that the light source used can and will be able to divulge the real colors of the different objects that it comes in contact with. If your bathroom fixture has a CRI value of at least 80, it can show the colors as they are likely to appear under sunlight. In order to diminish or altogether be done with the frequent shadows and glares for your wall, face or sink, the place has to have the true color of white light. LED or not, these lights complement your skin tone and are, therefore, ideal for grooming practices. Additionally, most packages will also mention the Color Temperature values. For your bathroom(s), it is important that you have a light with a color temperature within the range of 2700-3000 K. This is because they are perfect to give you the ideal light for your bathroom tasks. Any bulb that goes above the 3500 K temperature will exude light as blue in the color spectrum.
Do options for shower lighting exist? Are they rated as safe to use?

ID: Bathrooms are damp, I wanted to say that in a way it didn't sound funny but there is no way around it. With so much moisture in the air, the fixtures need to be resistant to corrosion and rusting. The good news is, limited but definitely safe options are available to be used in shower or over the tub areas. You can also go for the variety of sculpted shapes, finishes, and patterns in lampshades. Furthermore, with waterproof pendant lamps, especially those that are small and used in groups, hanging over a sunken tub you have an alternative for your lighting fantasies. In waterproof varieties from less costly to the more expensive ones, your lighting can be made funky as well as therapeutic by installing blue, red, violet, and green filters in the tub.

Can you help me out with some ideas in creating a one-for-all bathroom?

ID: It does not matter whether you have a bold pattern, an elegant alcove, some deep colors splashed over, stylishly designed sinks, side tables, and/or mirrors. What does matter is how subtly or creatively you are able to light it up. If you have guests at your property all the time, you need to pay attention to the vanity lights. Guests tend to be quite fussy on vanity lighting. They want it shadow-free. One way to do it is to mount two sconces a few inches on either side of your mirror if it has been positioned centrally above the sink. Make sure that the shade's bottom is just above the average eye-level. The lights will form a cross-lighting effect. And without getting carried away, you can be bold and different by framing them symmetrically so that they stand out on their own even while complementing the vanity and the background too. However, if the mirror is stretched to cover its width, fixtures hitched directly onto that mirror are a better option.
Second, you can treat this problem with overhead lighting as well. Ideally 78 inches above the ground at the least, a horizontal bar consisting of multiple lights throws an even amount of light over the person’s face as they stare in the mirror in a state of narcissistic self-admiration. Third, the milky-white opaque lampshades work best for smooth illumination whereas the fabric or clear glass ones end up giving a diminished sort of light from the fixtures.

What is the best way to work up on ambient lighting for my bathroom?

ID: Ambient lighting would brighten up the space on the whole. Since they are generally mounted on the ceiling, a chandelier or some sort of a dramatic pendant would do.

What can I do if I want to illuminate my bathroom with task layering?

ID: Layers accent, task, and ambient gives the dimensional edge to lighting up your space. If you know them, you can light up your place exactly how you want it. Task lighting can assist you in specific functions such as shaving. You can install a lighted retractable mirror in a makeup cabinet or a medicine cabinet too. Use LEDs for this. They will have that dreamy glow. Place them on the sides of shelving or any niches that you might have, or on the ceiling. You can generate a relaxing atmosphere through customized LED under the windowsills and under the rims of your tub. While a downlight only is likely to make you avoid looking at yourself for a tired and weary appearance, (warm-colored) LED strip lighting at both the bottom and top of the wall running along a recessed wall mirror qualitatively improves on mood and dramatic effects. We hope you found this article informative. If you have any questions about bathroom lighting, please send it to us and we will get back to you in no time.
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