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A coffee house is not only about the coffee it serves, it's about much more than that. Even though it seems the item around which everything revolves is the coffee, if it was just that, the costumers would just buy the coffee and prepare it at home.
Each coffee that a costumer drinks at the coffee house is mainly about the experience he has there and the atmosphere that place engenders. The feeling with which the costumer leaves the coffee house is what makes him return. That unique feeling is given by the atmosphere each coffee house generates, atmosphere created by all the furnishings, decor items and the quality of the services from which they benefit. But all these are brought up together, mixed and enlightened by the lighting fixtures and the music that delights the ears of the costumers. Therefore, even though the furnishings and décor items are more challenging when it comes to the budget issue, the lighting fixtures are the pieces that bring everything together, the pieces that can raise a place or bring it down. When choosing the suitable lighting fixtures for a coffee house you have to keep in mind all the other decor elements but mainly the functionality issue. Regarding this issue, one has to decide whether the place will be functional as a reading coffee house or just a lounge, chill coffee house. Another viable option is creating a reading corner in ones coffee house, in order to meet the requirements of more than a type of costumers.
                         How to choose the lighting fixtures for a lounge coffee house

Foremost, a lounge coffee house is mostly about chilling, relaxation and a discreet, unobtrusive music. In harmony with the music, one has to choose lighting fixtures that lead to the same idea or feeling. Thus, ideal lighting fixtures for a lounge coffee house are those that do not spread a lot of light in order not to bother one's eyes. Moreover, the intimate atmosphere is created by a diffuse light and a discreet music. When it comes to mixing the furniture with the lighting fixtures, for each type of furniture one has to choose the appropriate lighting fixture. When it comes to sofas, lounge chairs or regular armchairs, one can choose pendant lights which spread diffuse light. In accordance with the style of the coffee house, the pendant lights can be hanged on a metallic or wooden structure, with lampshades that are not see-through, preferably made out of paper, cotton or even jute maybe glass in some cases. Few are the pendant lights which have a glass made lampshade and still spread just a diffuse light. Such a lighting fixture is the Pan Pendant Light, which would perfectly fit above a lounge chair or even above a table in one's coffee house.
Another viable option for coffee houses is the table lamp, as long as between the sofas, armchairs and lounge chairs one can find a corner of a table or counter on which to place a unique, yet discreet table lamp. Mostly, table lamps spread diffuse light, but one should pay attention to the light bulbs that are chosen for these table lamps in order for the light level to remain in a comfortable area. From the same Pan collection, an appealing choice seems to be the Pan Table Lamp, which is modern yet minimalist and it spreads a discreet light, just enough to keep up the socializing in one's coffee house.

How to choose the lighting fixtures for a reader's coffee house

There are certain coffee houses, which tend to mix the experience of enjoying a good coffee with reading a captivating book. For these spaces, one has to pay more attention when choosing the lighting fixtures in order to offer the costumer the suitable light level in order to read that captivating book. Whether sofas, armchairs, lounge chairs or even coffee tables with regular chairs are chosen to furbish a coffee house dedicated to readers, above each of these furniture pieces one can hang pendant lights hanged on different structures, in accordance with the style chosen
The pendant lights can be used in fixtures of two, three or even five pieces at once. Another lighting fixture that would fit perfectly in a readers' coffee house, is the floor lamp. If in a lounge coffee house the lampshades of the lamp have to be less see-through, in this case the more see-through a lampshade is, the better. This is why glass lampshades are perfect for such a coffee house, spreading enough bright light in order to offer the costumer the appropriate light for reading. Floor lamps can be placed behind lounge chairs or in a corner as if it were watching above the coffee table. In order to create the suitable atmosphere in one's coffee house, attention has to be paid to every detail, but do not forget that the lighting fixtures bring together the whole decor.

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mohammed abdul naveed - January 4, 2020

i want to open a cafe at my town.
i interior place occupied boundry with three trees and two rooms of tiles house and front gate is there how i has to decorate it please give me suggestions

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