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How 3D Printing Is Changing Modern Lighting Design

How 3D Printing Is Changing Modern Lighting Design

lily 3d printed modern lighting

There are many different elements to modern interior design. Some elements are as simple as choosing furniture that is in a basic shape, with a neutral color, and has clean lines with sharp edges. Other elements include having walls that are in neutral or muted colors with the exception of one printed accent wall if you so desire. Then there are more complex elements to achieving the modern interior design. One of the most complex elements of attaining a modern interior design is by using modern lighting design to accent the living space through the creative use of light.

Traditionally modern interior lighting would incorporate under cabinet lighting, recess lighting, pendant lighting, and sconce lighting. However, there are ways to use 3d printing to improve the creativeness of your lighting solution in your modern interior designed living space. If you are interested in learning how 3d printing is changing lighting in modern lighting design, then there are a couple of things that you have to know first. What is 3d printing? 3d printing is a method of printing that creates 3 dimensional objects. You create a design that is translated into a schematic, which is then entered as a command in to a computer. The computer then communicates the command for printing the 3 dimensional objects to the printer. The printer is not a standard printer that you would find in a home (yet). It is an industrial appliance that is large and will print out layer after layer of any chosen material that will be placed expertly in the design of what the schematic dictated for the object to look like at the end of the process. Layer after layer of material is printed until finally you are left with a full on 3 dimensional object. This is great because you will be able to achieve a more intricate design than you could with any other method.

Now when you combine 3 dimensional printing with the modern lighting design of a living space you get a unique product that will produce creative results for the lighting design of a modern home. You can utilize 3 dimensional printing to create light fixture coverings that are creative, unique, and beautiful for the artistic illumination of any given room within your home. It is important to note that this type of interior decorating should not be used in excess. One or two items like this in a room is enough to be an accent piece. Anything more than that and you are risking moving away from the modern look that you were initially going for.

This type of style would look great on a pendant lighting fixture, on track lighting, on certain types of chandeliers, and even on a lamp lighting product. The 3 dimensional printing being used to work in the modern lighting design realm is a creative and unique take on the modern style of interior design. More info on 3D printing...

If you are looking to take a fresh look at how 3d printing is changing lighting in modern lighting design then you should check out the various products that 3 dimensional printed objects could accent like this Stratos Pendant Light. 3 dimensional printing would make a great complimentary piece for pendant lighting, track lighting, certain types of chandeliers, and lamp lighting products. The 3 dimensional printed objects should be used sparsely because any use of something as intricate or embellished as this would take away from the modern design. However, there is nothing wrong with updating a traditional look with something that you do not see every day. You can find 3 dimensional printed lighting designs at
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