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Home Lighting For Beginners

Home Lighting For Beginners

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Planning for ways of illuminating your home is a task often neglected when moving into a new home or apartment. Take some time considering what type of light you need and where you would want to place it. You would also be wise to set aside a budget for your lighting plan. If not, you will probably be disappointed when your beautiful and expensive furniture and your lovingly decorated rooms are wrongly or insufficiently lit. Of course, this will be most evident in the evenings and at night when strong and stimulating color, classy surfaces and materials are denied their natural beauty because of the wrong lighting. If a simple light bulb illuminating the garage is acceptable, just imagine the same type of illumination in the kitchen. Food prepared and consumed in such environments simply doesn’t taste the same as it does in a properly lit environment. Your mind's eye reacts to differences in lighting and psychologically changes the flavor. That's why ambience in your favorite restaurant is so important! Now go a step further and think of what will happen to the atmosphere and then your mood if a single light bulb carelessly hung from the ceiling of your living room. I'm pretty sure that your first instinct would be to flee from such gloomy premises. And that is exactly the point: the wrong lighting will have an influence on your attitude, psyche and general well-being. Just think of a grey November day as opposed to a sunny day in spring and what they do to your mood. Physiologically we depend on light for a lot more than just seeing things clearly; bright light keeps us awake and energized, a badly lit work space makes us tired and depressed.

The Case for Well Planned Lighting

Well planned lighting increases your sense of being, adapts perfectly to varying needs and moods. Light stimulates and activates but also can relax and calm. That starts with the entrance to your home and ends in the bedroom and the kids' bedrooms. Each room has it's particular light needs and scenarios: bright white light for the work space, the home office, the kitchen; flexible, cosy light for reading; or dimmable light for the dining room table. Our body and soul react to light without us being aware of its influence. We catch much too little sunlight in todays modern work environments; making is just as important that we are sufficiently supplemented with the right type of artificial light. Combination Zone Light and General Light

Home Lighting Functions

We distinguish between three cardinal functions: overall lighting, zone lighting, and mood lighting. Overall lighting or areal lighting serves as basic illumination, for example in ceiling lamps. But, as stated, little is more uncomfortable than a single light source coming from above and the centre of a room. Therefore one should always consider additional zone lighting on features like the seating arrangement around the couch table, the dining table, or a particular nice cabinet, perhaps an heirloom. Mood lighting on the other hand creates accents and ambience with coloured light. This allows creating just about any type of atmosphere by employing light and shade, colours and patterns. From the almost surrealistic to the downright homey, the limits are only set by your willingness to experiment. Throw the variants of direct and indirect lighting into the mix and scenarios from the suspenseful to the tension relieving are all there for you to fit to any occasion, situation and mood. When used properly, lighting can evoke a whole spectrum of feelings and emotions. So go ahead and discover the design of lighting of your living spaces as an expedition full of surprises. Interior designers, expert staff at your furniture or lighting store, but maybe just the inspiration you get when visiting a friends house that had particularly attractive lighting will help you on your way to not only a well-lit house, but a smartly lit home.
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