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Handy Tips For Welcoming Entrance Lighting

Handy Tips For Welcoming Entrance Lighting

Everyone wants to make their guests feel welcomed at home; hence entrance lighting is crucial for that first expression. Make it pleasant and mellow and your guests would look forward to enter your house and make it flashy and intense and they would fell like entering an overcrowded shopping mall. Choosing the best entrance lighting is a thoughtful process.

Do your homework

Ponder upon some considerations before going out to purchase your entrance lighting. What is the color of the walls? What are the dimensions and craft of the front door? Is there any artwork near the entrance? Will the entrance receive rain? Is it a single or a double height space? Fixtures such as Fil De Fer Gold Ovale Pendant are suitable for large doors only while pieces like Zoom XL 1 Chandelier complements a light-colored wall much gracefully. Inquire about all these considerations from an exterior designer or at least have them in mind when you go to buy the fixtures. 

Overhead fixtures to your rescue

Overhead fixture is the basic element of the entrance lighting. This type of fixture sets the overall tone of the space, so choose a piece which clearly propagates the feeling you want visitors to experience. An overhead chandelier is what comes to mind first.. Pieces like Skirt Pendant Lamp - SKR140 (Rectangular) are bowl shaped and the light radiates upward and softly down these bowls while fixtures such as Fontana Chandelier - 96 Lights are caged which gives an artistic touch. Chandeliers come in metal, glass and ceramics, there is an entire plethora of chandeliers and pendants and hence you must take into account your premises setting if you seek complete harmony.

If the entryway is long with tall ceilings, multiples fixtures can be placed for complete luminance. A balletic pendant can be a replacement for multiple pieces. These one-cord pieces like Discoco Large Pendant Light glisten elegantly and ensure complete illumination of the space. They are light-weight and hence can be hanged easily. If you have low ceilings, flush mounts might come in handy. They take less space yet fit the bill meticulously. Pieces like 1015 Ceiling Lamp come in dapper mounts which glorify your entrance and give it the much desired welcome feel. You have the option of LED flush mounts or non-LED ones.

Walled lighting for an elegant touch

If overhead lighting is not what you desire and want to try something innovative, go for the sconces. They are attached with walls and have an upward and downward projection; both. The Upward projection scones would radiate lights upwards that will reflect back from the ceiling and spread on the floor or staircase like miniature beads. Fixtures such as Arc small Parete Wall Lamp are a trendy option for you. Some entrances have a mirror so you can check your setting before going in. Add a couple of sleek sconces on both sides of the mirror to replace it from a mere functional item to an embellishing artwork. A unique option like fairy-light illuminated lanterns could also be worth a shot. It is not being used largely by homeowners but provided, you have an intricately crafted wooden door on your entrance, a slick glass lantern could lend an opulent royal feel to your entrance. A combination of recessed lights and spot lights can also be used with other lighting fixtures to create a blissful entrance.  Well-placed spotlight would offer a pleasant glare on the door or ceiling that would certainly look ravishing. Whatever you choose, try not to go overboard. Never entrust expensive and up-to-date lighting fixtures for every application, rather focus on the space that you want to illuminate and go for the pieces which complements it.
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