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Getting the right bedside reading light is easier than you think

Getting the right bedside reading light is easier than you think

Lying down in your cozy bed and turning the pages of your favorite book is one of the delights of contemporary life, however it is important that you have the reading lights at right place to complement your reading. Hence if you are an avid book reader and looking for good lighting options for your bed, you've landed at the right place.

LED is a good starting point

In modern times LED lights have dethroned the traditional stalwarts of illumination and are now the reigning champions of the lighting ecosystem, largely owing their success to their versatile usage. Perhaps the most defining feature and one that sets them apart from rest of the heap is that LED fixtures offer high lumen output at a very minimal energy. This less energy consumption makes them a favorite in literary circles; moreover the recent wide array of options has opened new gateways and pieces like Ledtube Wall Light are in high demand.  
Another striking feature of LED fixtures is that they are tailor-made for task lighting, you simply need to fix them in the right spot and they'll take care of the rest. Pieces like Colours wall sconce are a bit on the expensive end of the price spectrum but their sleek demeanor is ideal for bedroom. Since they do not take up much of the space and offer bright illumination, you could easily deploy them in your bedroom for reading.

Flexibility is crucial

Lighting fixture with a flexible arm is always a utility; however the convenience multiplies by many folds, when we talk about bedside spaces. Since the space close to bed is compact and a piece such as table lamp is no doubt a good option for reading, but if the arm is not movable, then it creates certain issues. Therefore always go for flexible movable arm, as that would give you the luxury to move around in the bed without compromising on the light. Tolomeo Micro Table Lamp is a great option in this regard as it offers maximum illumination and with just a stroke of hand you could easily shift the focus from one spot to another. Reading lamps with flexible arms are always a life savior in case of nighttime reading. tolomeo-micro-table-lamp

Reflection should be taken into account

While choosing a fixture for reading one aspect that is often swept under the rug is the ability of paper to reflect the light. Paper reflects light and while making a decision for the fixture, one must keep this thing in mind. This however has more to do with the placement of fixture, you could choose a great fixture like Beat Black Wall Sconce, however if not placed at the right spot, you would fail to extract the true potential of even good fixtures. Complementing the bedroom ambiance Remember your bedroom has a specific ambiance and since you are placing the lighting fixture in your bedroom, therefore it should go with the overall theme of the space. If you've got a slightly contemporary feel in your bedroom then pieces like Etta XL Wall Sconce and One LED wall sconce - Indirect would be ideal for your space. However if you are inclined towards rather traditional furniture then scones such as Fortebraccio wall sconce would not only complement your space theme, but would also serve as a great source of illumination for your midnight reading. Good reading lights for bed are always hard to come by, therefore you need to be smart in your approach. Remember that at the end of the day it all boils down to two things; Type of fixture and light. Therefore the general rule of thumb is to take both these characteristics into consideration before making the final call for your bedside reading lights.

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