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Five worth-trying methods of lighting a modern front yard

Five worth-trying methods of lighting a modern front yard

Modern designers dedicate ample time to the front yards these days because it is the first thing that the visitors or potential house buyers will see after entering through the main gate. A front yard embellished with striking flowers and manicured grass would lose its charm at night if not properly illuminated. Here are some of the exciting ways through which the elegance of the front yard can be enhanced.

Highlight the worthy

A thick, leaf-laden tree or a waterfall fashioned out of pebbles is your focal points that have to be highlighted. It can help to create shadows and silhouettes that are alluring to the eye. The mild light that filters through the branches or get reflected crates a magical effect. You can place fixtures such as Walk-Over Ground Recessed Light underneath these features to create a beautiful upward projection.
For a waterfall, you may go for pieces like GARDEN LIGHT SPIKE LED because normally, you would want a downward supporting illumination for the flowing water. It will make the water glisten at night which will certainly awe-amaze your visitors. Artificial plants can also be placed at different positions in the yard and illuminated by post lights.

Shine up the way

The entryway stairs may be two or three but are crucial in shaping the perfect outlook for the front yard. If you can manage small glass features on the side of the stairs and add puck lights under their bases, they would create an effect that no one can refuse to admire. Fixtures such as Vap Slim 30 Bollards are another sleek way of illuminating the stairs. They provide a weak light but a strong effect is delivered through it. It brings a royal touch in the stairs and your feel like a prince when walking on the stairs. Post lights can also be attached on each step. They would not only light up the stairway but provide some illumination to the surrounding plantations as well. 

Elegance through up/down bollard lights

A recent inclusion in the landscape lighting but a highly effective one! This helps to originate a stunning lighting scheme that can make the space look wide. And the versatility it offers is amazing. It can be placed on walls beside the seedbed or on the garage walls with a pair of plant containers on each side. Pieces like I-Snap F1&F2 Bollard Lamp provide yellow light which is a characteristic color for outdoor lighting. If there is a wide wall, you can opt for a combination of white and yellow luminescence also. The exciting feature of this fixture is that it provides chic to a standard and simple feature like wall. Many hotels use it on the outside but these have found their way in residential buildings with great effect as well.

Wall of design

Improvisation is a great tool in modern lighting and yields convincing results most of the time. Take this concept an inch further and paint one wall of the yard a bit different; a lined design or a an abstract one. After this, add a series of wall sconces and make this a sight of your liking. Pieces like Dragan LED Outdoor Wall Luminaire are cheap yet stylish options. If you want something a little more luxurious, you can choose fixtures such as Drop 4 Outdoor Floor Lamp that come in various designs and colors. Make sure to put big plants in front of this wall to take full advantage of this idea.

Simple but classy

Be cautious to keep the overall scheme simple. You don't want to transform the yard into a highly luxurious one that overpowers the rest of the house. Slick pieces like Giunco Bollard Lamp can be added on different parts of the lawn. They are simple in presentation but provide a refined look.
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