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Enriching the house with sculptural lighting fixtures

Enriching the house with sculptural lighting fixtures

Along with some of the graceful lighting fixtures in the market that uplifts the grace of the house, sculptural pieces preserves their sport as the stand-out special pieces. These pieces cannot be simply placed everywhere but require special consideration before that.

As a central ambient source

In rooms that serve to be the venues for gatherings and occasions like guest rooms and lounges, these pieces can be placed as the central ambient source. If the room is bigger, you might want to try pieces like Quad-Y LED Chandelier because they consume a large ceiling space and deliver a striking light along with being excessively elegant. Their scattered light from different angles can illuminate the room gracefully. If you require something less outrageous and a lot more composed, you might consider fixtures such as Atria VMC31620 Modern Square LED Chandelier. Sublime in design lines and refined in stature, they shine with the same amount of light as the aforementioned fixtures but are reserved when we talk about the design element. This fixture is a great example of it. The intricate design is submerged in such refined edges that it seems to be casted as one piece and the combination of just two colors to deliver the style is just amazing. These can certainly be the focal points for the guests.

If your room is very big, you might consider adding two pieces like Toccata Chandelier on the sides or in the middle. They are circular in nature and can closely be regarded as chandeliers than pendants. They too, would provide style to the room but the luminescence is not that bright.

Attractive floor pieces

Many people tend to be confused when the task of decorating guest rooms is at hand. They go on to buy many small pieces that are just not compatible with each other and make the room fell cluttered. Instead, fixtures such as Arc Floor Lamp can be placed on vacant spaces to serve as decorative elements along with being luminaries. They are available in different shapes and sizes and can be chosen according to the size of the vacant space. Their execution personifies when placed in a group. Each piece seems to complement each other and originate a splendid effect.


Movable fixtures such as Led Pole 3160 floor lamp can also serve the purpose fully. They can be carried around to change the interior of the room each time a guest comes over and they operate on very less wattage so that is an additional benefit. They can be placed with sofas to serve as afternoon light while the families are having a round of tea or could be placed on each side of the dining table to provide luminescence for a late night time dinner.

Utilizing the wall space

A third medium of placement of these pieces are the walls. This option should be chosen for any room. In bedrooms, unique fixtures such as Lampe Gras 214 Wall Lamp - Black Satin that give a mild light can be placed as nighttime luminescence. The glass covering allows some light to be passed through while the rest to be concentrated downwards which brings about a good effect. They can also be used as task lighting for night time study.

 Adjustable pieces like Colours wall sconce can be placed on walls by the study table and be turned on when preparing for exams or when reading a book. Their arc shape with rotative arms allows for flexibility in providing illumination at different angles. Although they are expensive, but are long lasting that compensates for the initial cost.

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