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Enrich your bathrooms with exquisite vanity mirror lighting

Enrich your bathrooms with exquisite vanity mirror lighting

Designing a bathroom might not be the top priority of many homeowners but neglecting these spaces can potentially eclipse the overall beauty of the house. Vanity mirror lighting sets the tone for your entire bathroom space. From extravagant to elementary, you can alter the ambiance by playing with the placement, style and intensity of the vanity mirror lighting. Here are a few ideas which can accentuate your bathroom ambiance.

Don't jump forward straightaway

Bear in mind some factors before choosing lights for your vanity mirror. The vanity mirror ideally should be hemmed in with enough lighting. Ceiling lights might be enough for general luminescence but you want extra light while doing your make-up and grooming. Overhead lighting can also create shadows and spots across your face that disrupts your styling. Secondly, choose lighting fixtures that are suitable your mirror size. Enormous fixtures such as 2160 Wall/Ceiling Light would overpower the significance of the mirror while smaller pieces like Puzzle Single Square Wall/Ceiling Light wouldn’t highlight the spot enough. 

Countless options

The bathrooms should seem an extension of the rest of the house hence the theme of the overall house should be integrated in bathroom space as well. From traditional to middle-eastern, contemporary to exclusive, every option is available for vanity mirror lighting. A pair of sleek sconces on the sides of the mirror would illuminate your styling spot along with giving it an artistic flare. Fixtures such as Esferic A-302 Wall or Ceiling Light can be used for large mirrors while fixtures such as Vanity Slim LED Bath Bar go well with small ones. A second option is that of ceiling fixtures that spring down to the top of the mirror. These fixtures must be at least 7 feet above the ground to leave enough headroom. You have the option of placing either delicately designed pendants for example pieces like Theo Up-Down Wall Luminaire or a 3-light fixture that comes in sublime designs as well. These strands provide high luminescence and integrate so well with vanity mirrors that they look like a part of the mirror instead of separate lighting fixture. esferic-a-302-amb Another idea is that of recessed lighting fixtures. Built-in vanity has already carved circular fixtures for luminescence whereas you can construct a small shade above the mirror and place recessed lights in them. This shade would add another designing element t the washroom. You could also employ this shade to place your extra accessories. Accent lighting fixtures such as Brigg XS1 Wall Light - LED are an elegant choice. Their seemingly mild light is enough to rediscover a misplaced needle.

Experience a non-traditional feel

The list does not end here. If you are brave enough to try uncommon themes, here is something that might get you excited. Placing unique lamps on the vanity counter is enough to awe-struck a first-visit guest. Pieces like Fila wall sconce 39/57/78/100 give your vanity a relaxing feel. Track lighting on the sides of vanity mirror is another option at your disposal as well. It illuminates the mirror from behind which lends a hint of royalty to your bathroom space.

Consider the thrill that a person will experience when he switches on the light expecting some visible fixture to light up but the vanity mirror itself start to gleam. You can complement this with layered lighting for example hanging pendants at multiple heights or a vintage lantern that comes with dimmer effect. Pieces like Laser AP9 Wall Sconce are the first ones you have at hand. This combination needs to be chosen wisely as to it should blend well with the wall colors.

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