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Enhance your options with Decorative Recessed Lighting

Enhance your options with Decorative Recessed Lighting

Thinking about multipurpose lighting is one thing, implementing them physically is an entirely different ballgame in itself. Recessed lighting fixtures can easily be placed on walls or ceilings for the provision of ambient luminescence but encapsulating them with a decorative aspect not only offers dual functionality but generate highly dignified results. This is obtained by the adorning trim ring of the fixture.

Going big on the ceiling

This design consideration radiated through ancient houses with glowing popularity but has somehow lost its touch in recent times. Though like every other traditional styling element, it can be innovatively submerged with modernization to achieve remarkable consequences. Pieces like Incasso recessed light 4720 can be placed in the entryway ceiling to provide a dim, soothing illumination at night whilst offering helpful aesthetics to the space. The large, flowered circumference of this fixture could suffice for the entire decoration of the entryway. You wouldn't need to hang paintings or photo frames to fill the space.

You can transit form this ancient style to much contemporary using fixtures such as Skygarden Recessed Light. Placing these crystal pieces in the center of the lounge or drawing room could quickly grasp the attention of your guests. Their focused light rays, when generated from shiny glass surfaces, engulf the room with an aura of enchantment. It may be an expensive option but is a long-lasting constituent of chic and glamour. There are several other choices too, some of which can be even used as a single ambient fixture for a room while others that need some assistance from the neighboring ceiling lights to dazzle with full effect.

Crafting the simple ceilings

Bringing together several small lighting fixtures and arranging them in a prescribed manner can create stunning designs on the otherwise simple ceilings. Modern plaster ceilings already have consolidated designs in them but if you are planning to use decorative recessed lighting, the ceilings needs to be devoid of initial designs. Tiny fixtures such as Baia LED Recessed Light could be whipped in multiple shapes like diamonds, square or curves for a tantalizing effect. This practice is similar to wearing a sleek waistcoat above the whole attire for "augmenting the grace".

You could also employ three to four pieces like Tor Recessed Light at one side of the room to generate a focused effect of any type: a nighttime illumination space over the bed in your bedroom or illuminating an entertainment centre in the lounge. Pieces for such spots need to be widely spaced and not targeted towards a single shape. You can place them at regular intervals in a straight line or position them in a zigzag. Trim's shape and color can be matched with the color of the walls or furniture.

Diversifying the usage

Decorative recessed lighting is not limited to ceilings but the idea can be expanded to walls to embark on an indifferent yet appreciable design scheme. Slot recessed wall lights are capable of producing thin sections of illumination that are so composed in nature that they can be easily mistaken as soothing wall lights. Fixtures such as Aria Mini Recessed Wall Light are cheaper options that are easily and frequently available in the market but require services of a professional electrician for efficient installation.

 Another area for utilizing the wall recessed lights is the staircase. Instead of going for expensive, under step lighting, you can consider placing pieces like Sweet Light Recessed Light at regular instances. It can dual-served to be nighttime illuminators as well as embellishment features purposefully lined along the staircase. Make sure that they are placed at least 3 feet above the steps to fully benefit from its decorative trim.

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