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Contemporary ceiling lighting for modern Living room

Contemporary ceiling lighting for modern Living room

Modern Living rooms are the largest rooms of the house with modern ones having no door obstructions to neighboring kitchens and dining room which enhances their spectrum even more. This room will both be often used by yourself and your guests hence deserve to be illuminated in a versatile manner. This composition will be narrating the living room lighting ideas for living rooms because simply adding fixtures such as PH 5 Pendant Light will not only look old-fashioned but also negate the contemporary living room lighting concept of layered lighting scheme.

Starting with the biggest

Usually, there are large central ceiling pieces in these rooms that accommodate for the ambient glow along with other optional small fixtures for its support. It can be a big chandelier or a hanging pendant.

Living rooms on the ground floors usually have smaller ceiling heights than the progressive floors therefore you need to choose the chandelier with the suitable height. Pieces like PostKrisi 0067-0068 Pendant Light carry extension arms that are not long and have a widespread reach which enables luminescence to be spread over a large area. There is also an option to look for frosted fixtures or those with weak light for use in specific events and attach other small fixtures for the ambient glow. As for the pedants, they must be decorative if you receive a lot of guests and vice versa. Many living rooms are L-shaped hence require more than one pendant. For these cases, it is better to opt for a replica of the first fixture as dissimilarity might feel odd. 

You could choose from pieces like Oh Mei Ma LED pendant light which are openly decorative, have multiple design lines and are expensive or pieces like Titania pendant light which are embodied in a classic amalgamation of vibrance, chic and simplicity. They are also priced reasonably and available in many colors.

Illuminating the borders

There need to be lights on the veiling borders because one can not always turn on the big central chandelier or pendant. For a more general illumination, you have to rely on small ceiling fixtures. The first option is the basic recessed lights that haven't lost one touch of their effectiveness despite being around for years now. Their ability to be arranged in all sorts of pattern along with being reliable and no-space-taker seems to have credited them with eternal success. A second option is to go for semi-flush mounts that shouldn't exceed then four for a normal 15 x 20 feet modern living room because they are extravagant in representation. Placing them at equidistant from all sides would do the job for you and you can turn the desired one on depending on the spot you are sitting at. Pieces like Capella VMC32410 Modern Five Ring LED Chandelier are versatile choices because of their color. A third, much unique option is monorail lighting which is growing in demand. It may be used as task lighting over an entertainment center or as accent lighting over a specific feature like a wall dedicated to photo frames.
The cool thing about monorails is the freedom in shape and length they provide to the customer.

Line and rope lighting for a spooky ambiance

Pieces like 85 Lamps Chandelier could be effectively integrated within the ceilings to serve as nighttime illuminators while you are watching a movie with family or having a late-night FIFA tournament on Play Station with your friends. They would provide for sufficient illumination without being overly expressive.
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