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Choosing the right ceiling fan - Buyer's Handbook

Choosing the right ceiling fan - Buyer's Handbook

Determining the adequate fan is an exhaustive task in itself and when it is about choosing the modern ones which also serve as light sources, the task at hand becomes daunting. Modern ceiling fans can make or break the interior of a room therefore you are instructed to give some good thought before going out to purchase them.

Rushing is suicide

There are innumerable factors to notice before the actual buying process kicks in. What is the height of the ceiling? What is the size of the room? What is the color of the walls and ceiling? How many light fixtures are existent in the room? How much natural light is arriving in the room? These queries must be entertained to prepare a proper buying plan.

Glue one thing to mind that the light of these fans will not serve as the ambient illumination so you have to choose the one which blends well with the primary light source. Fixtures such as DC Slim Ceiling Fan can go with hanging pendants and chandeliers because their light glow is soft. If you have a room with ample natural light, you should chose pieces like Velo Flush Ceiling Fan which gives you a control on the intensity of the light.

Each room has an individual identity

Every room of the house receives different amount of natural light and thus has different dimensions and distinct lighting fixtures. With modern fans, you cannot employ the simple theory of placing the same fans in every room. A bedroom will need a ceiling fan that is elegantly designed and comes with a mild light. Pieces like Stella Ceiling Fan are made for bedrooms with their aesthetic wing design and glossy yet simple finish.

They do not come with a dimmer but you can install a control kit with it to gain control over your fan. Dining and living rooms will require slightly bigger fans with dimmer controlled light. The type and time of gathering in these rooms varies and so should the light intensity. Fixtures such as Solus Ceiling Fan are large with nickel-finish that lends a decorative touch to room alongside being a source of light besides their primary role of circulating air. Low ceiling rooms are tricky in interior execution. Pieces like Cirrus Flush Ceiling Fan can be placed here. The rod less design of these pieces enables them to consume very less space along with a sleek combination of contemporary and traditional styles. For sitting space of kitchens, you need a low-lying fan that must have a design factor that blends with the color of the space. The field span of the light must be very less to concentrate on the table.

Useful tips

The light of the modern ceiling fans must not interfere with the glow of the other lighting fixtures of the room. The placement of the fan is critical in this regard. Even a gracefully crafted fan can be a headache for you if it does not blend with the ambient illumination of the room. Another tip is to go for the fans that are coherent with the tone of the room i.e. the color of the walls and style of the furniture. Use compatible remote control kits.

Poorly-manufactured kits can disrupt the electronic channelization of the fixture and may cause you to lose the money spent. Pieces like Pharos Ceiling Fan are quite popular with easily available control kits. Consult an expert before choosing ceiling fans so they can brief you on the designs and models that would not become obsolete in the near future.

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